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  • South America
    30/10/2012 Khie Chen Lie   USA

    The trip to he Iguazu Falls was excellent, everything well arrangement.
    I hope next time we can travel again to South America

  • Iguazu falls
    18/10/2012 Jeff    USA

    Overall the tour was great! We are very pleased with the service that we received while we were in Puerto Iguazu as well as with the service that you provided to us in arranging the entire tour – it wasn’t easy to get everything arranged to suit our needs, but in the end, you were able to make it happen.
    Here are my specific comments:
    Airport Transfers: The transfers from and to the airport in Puerto Iguazu were excellent – they were waiting for us to arrive and right on time to take us back. Caracol even provided us with boarding passes for the return flight to Buenos Aires when they picked us up at the hotel. I cannot remember the person who was in charge of picking us up and returning us to the airport, but he vas very friendly, helpful, and courteous. He did a great job.
    Tours: We enjoyed the tour of Iguazu Falls very much. Our tour guide was Margarita – and she did a great job. Of course, the real star was the falls – they are incredible! We had an unforgettable day at the park – despite the fact that it was cool and cloudy most of the day. The forest tour was great fun too. Again, I cannot remember the name of our guide for this, but he was excellent as well. Everyone on the truck (mostly Argentines – we were the only Americans) mingled and got acquainted with each other and everyone enjoyed the rappelling and ziplines. As for the Wanda Mines tour, it was the least interesting, even though both my son and daughter are very interested in minerals and gems. There was not a whole lot to see of the mines themselves – basically just caves, though there was a lot of impressive gems and minerals in the shop. Also, our guide spent most of the tour talking to our daughter - in Spanish – which was not as helpful for everyone else, who speak only a little Spanish.
    Hotel: The Hotel St. George was very good. The rooms were nice – not exceptional (nor were we expecting them to be), but very clean and comfortable and perfectly suited to our needs. The staff was excellent – they were all very friendly and helpful. As you may remember, in order to get the rooms at the St. George, we had to include dinner both nights, but since we wanted to try one of the other restaurants in Puerto Iguazu, we traded one dinner for a lunch instead, which they were very happy to accommodate. We really enjoyed the location of the hotel – it was easy walking distance to things in town – shops, bank (ATM), etc. which we all appreciated. The only thing that we wished we could do was go swimming in their pool (it is very nice!), but the weather was a bit too cool for us to do that. That’s what we get for visiting during the winter, I suppose!
    All in all, we had an unforgettable time visiting Iguazu, and we appreciate your help in arranging everything for us.
    Thanks again for your services,

  • Iguazu falls

    I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner. Our group had a wonderful time in Iguazu. They were very happy with all of your services. They were disappointed that the moon walk was canceled but understood the circumstances. They were impressed that yourefunded the money for that tour as fast as you did.
    Hopefully more of our congregation will be making a trip to Argentina and I will definitely recommend that they too visit Iguazu Falls and we will book the tours through you.
    Thanks for all of your help.

  • South America
    27/5/2012 Achira Sen     India

    Thank you for a very well organized and nice trip. I will recommend your name to all friends and colleagues planning to travel to South America.

  • Iguazu falls
    27/4/2012 Michel     CANADA

    My trip to Puerto Iguazu went very well. Everything went as planned with the flights, the hotel, the transfers and the tours of the falls. I have to tell you that the hotel Jardins de Iguazu was excellent, the room impeccable, comfortable, and the buffet for the breakfast was delicious. It was a great choice! I was able to find good restaurants for the two nights. The two tours guides from the Caracol Turismo agency did a great job, especially Maria Smith the first day (Brazilian falls).
    Thanks again for your professional services. It was much appreciated! Great job!
    Best regards,