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  • el Calafate and Perito Moreno glacier
    17/04/2010 Howard and Carmen      USA 

    Hello Pablo
    The trip you arranged was most enjoyable and everything was done as planned and with no problems.
    One of the best organized tours I have been on.
    We arranged to take the boat trip when we got there and that too was a highlight.
    The hotel was good.
    Over all you excelled in our estimation with good value.

  • travel to iguazu falls and ushuaia
    24/02/2010 Michelle     USA

    Pablo we just got back last night from Patagonia and you were on my list!  We had a fabulous time in Iguazu and loved the two trips you organised for us - especially the Jungle tour!  It was all great fun, and I did appreciate your assistance when we got back into BA.
    many thanks

  • vacations in iguazu falls
    02/03/2010 Bob    USA

    Dear Pablo,
    Once again WOW. Thank you so much. We had a wonderful time in BA and Iguazu. you were correct about it being much better. Fabulous time. I look forward to more trips with you.

  • tours in Argentina
    27/02/2010 Domenico    Italy 

    Cara Griselda Ti ringrazio di tutto. E' andata molto bene ed i servizi sono stati molto buoni. Piuttosto volevo chiederTi se tu organizzi solo per l'Argentina od anche per altri paesi? Grazie e saluti.

  • trip to iguazu falls
    20/01/2010 Lana Spillane y Steve Rose (esposos)    St. Louis, Missouri, USA

    "I don't know how I was fortunate enough to find Pablo of,  but my trip was 1,000 times better because I did.
    I could not make plans until the last moment due to unusual circumstances, so Pablo did not have much time to put all of my needs together into a package.

    He went far beyond what practically any travel agent would do.  He managed to find us a place to stay when almost everything was unavailable.  He followed up on every aspect of our trip, and without him, we would not have been able to do what we DID do.

    Pablo has a wonderful package for Iguazu Falls, both for the Argentinian side and the Brazilean side.
    He even helped us with a bus ticket for which he received NO commission, but he is just that wonderfulI cannot say enough great things about Pablo.

    The manager of the B&B where we stayed was so impressed with him that he is going to refer his future guests to Pablo as well.


  • travel to iguazu falls
    22/02/2010 Melanie    UK

    Dear Pablo
    We had a wonderful time in Argentina we are now back in a very cold England where there is a lot of snow!
    The Hotel and the room were lovely and the Tour Guides polite, friendly, efficient and helpful as were the Hotel Staff. The trip to the Falls helped my son to relax prior to competing in the World Championships in Buenos Aries where he finished 7th.
    Best regards.

  • vacations in iguazu falls
    18/02/10 Zaytoon    Canada

    Dear Pablo: 
    You are most welcome!
    We will of course be recommending your company to many of our friends who wish to travel to Argentina, to see the Falls.
    Thank you again for arranging everything for us at such a short notice. We appreciated that.


  • package in montevideo and colonia uruguay
    6/02/10 Nikki      Australia 

    Dear Pablo,
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - hoping 2010 is a wonderful year for you.

    Thanks very much for organising our Montevideo day trip. It was a most enjoyable day. Everything went smoothly for the ferry trip over and back to Buenos Aires. Paula (I hope I've spelt her name correctly) was a very good guide, giving the bus passengers detailed information about Montevideo and Uruguay. We seemed to be the only English speaking tourists on the bus and Paula was very careful to make sure she provided English translations.  Sometimes, she gave the information in English first, then translated into Spanish for the others. She also encouraged questions.
    Thanks again, Pablo, for all your help - including advice about football matches in Buenos Aires.
    Kind regards.

  • vacations in iguazu falls
    12/02/2010 David    USA

    Hello Pablo,
    First, let me thank you for arranging a very excellent tour at a very reasonable price.  The tours of Iguazu Falls on each side were wonderful.
    Thank you again.

  • holidays in ushuaia and el calafate
    10/02/10 Sharmini    Malasya 

    Dear Pablo,
    Firstly Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you...
    Overall, we really enjoyed our trip. It is indeed a very beautiful country and I would definetely come again to visit the Iguazu, Mendoza, etc and will ensure that we get our tours from you. All the tour agents were very helpful and responsed very quickly. We manage to book some additional tours which was not part of the original package (Cerro Cathedral in Bariloche & 4*4 Adventure Tours in Calafate).

    The only thing I really missed and wanted to do was the ice traking at the Perito Marino glacier and we were also unable to do the tracking during the "All Glaciers Trip" due to unforceen circumstances. Thank you for making our holiday such a pleasant one and we will definetely recommend our friends to take your tours.

  • Iguazu falls
    3/02/10 Marsha Chernick    USA

    Good Morning Pablo
    Just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us last week. I am really disappointed that I got sick on the day of the Gaucho Tour.
    I really wanted to see that. 

    The Tango evening was great - we had a lot of fun. 
    The Iguazu trip was spectacular - even if we had a small problem with the 1/2 day trip. But sometimes stuff happens and you just adapt. The National Parque and Falls were more than we dreamed. Our guide was superb. Thank you again.
    If I ever get back to Argentina I will contact you and your company again.
    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

  • one of the seven wonderfulls in the word iguazu falls
    4/02/10  TP     USA

    I had a great time at the Iguazu falls. The tour guides were so fantastic.
    The trip was exactly on time.
    Highly recommended.

  • the luxury package to iguazu falls
    2/02/10 Peter K     USA

    Dear Pablo,
    We had a superb day, mainly due to the young man who was our guide.

    Unfortunately the LAN flight to Iguazu was delayed 1 hr 45 min, consequently we did not arrive until 1335hrs. However we did see a lot and enjoyed the ride on the boats to the face of the falls. Please accept our sincere thanks for a very well organised day trip. Special thanks to the young lad who guided us, he performed brillantly under very tight time constaints.