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  • package to buenos aires and iguazu falls
    25/01/2010  Barbye     Australia

    Hi Pablo, 
    Thank-you very much for organising this for us. 
    We had a great time. The Gaucho's trip was very good, food was excellent and people we very friendly. The tango show was incredidle and food was very nice. The city tour was good but just a little rushed, but nevertheless very nice. Iguazu was marvellous, we highly recommend the Panoramic Iguazu Hotel - great location and great service! The trips to Iguzau Falls and the Jungle adventure was awesome! The DVD we bought at Iguazu after we did the Great Adventure on the boat was a bonus!
    Overall Aregentina is very beautiful...

  • the best tango shows in buenos aires
    20/01/2010 Pauline     USA

    First of all, I would like to thank you for arranging a very nice package for us.  It was quite relaxing for us as we left the arrangement to the professionals.  All the people we came into contact with were courteous and polite.  Here are some comments: 
     Transportation:  a) Pick up at the pier (dock) caused some anxious moments since the driver was  late.   b) Pick up at the hotel for EZE was excellent.  The driver was on time and courteous.

    Complejo tango and dinner. 

    Collecting all the guests took almost an hour so we were late getting there.  But things improved after that.  The tango lesson was fun, the dinner was good although a bit rushed and coffee was never served because the show was starting.  The dancers were superb.  It required special skills to dance on such a narrow and small stage but somehow all three couples managed to dance on that stage at the same time. In a couple of instances I feared that someone would fall off the stage.  The dancing was at times graceful and other times full of energy and forceful.  The musicians and singers all did a fine job.  It was an enjoyable evening.  

    Iguazu Falls. 
    a)  Visit to the rain forest, zipline and rappelling.  I had done zipline before but it was still thrilling to zip from one tree to another.  Rappelling was a total new experience so I was not properly dressed for it.  The smart ones wore bathing suits underneath their clothing so they can easily remove them and some changed into them in the bushes.  I wore jeans and t-shirt so was thoroughly soaked but it was worth it.
    b)  Argentine side of the falls.  This time, the guide was with us all the time, stopping at various spots to show us the map, give some data or tell us what to look for.  The falls were breathtakingly beautiful: powerful, majestic.    

    Gaucho party.
    It was raining in the morning but cleared up by the time we arrived.  Until then I thought all that hype about Argentine beef was over-rated because I had not had any decent steak or BBQ meat in Buenos Aires.  The roast beef served here changed my view.  The beef was tender and tasty.  The program was well organized and service was delivered with a smile.  Of course the dancing is no where nearly as good as Complejo Tango but the music was lively and the audience participation was nice.  The staff was wonderful. The horse-racing was fun.  The horse-back riding was not worth mentioning.  The wait to get on a horse was at least 3 times as long as the 10-minute ride.  I lost patience waiting and went on a stroll.  The air was fresh and the place was peaceful and quiet. It was a lovely outing.

    All in all, everything went smoothly and we enjoyed our visit.   
    Last but not least, I want to thank you for responsive and attentive service.  I had recommended you to my friends (they booked Iguzu Falls through you) and will not hesitate to do so again. 
    Best wishes for a prosperous 2010!

  • from salta to iguazu falls
    20/01/2010 Fred and Melodie    USA

    Pablo,  we wanted to report that we had a wonderful trip thanks to your organization. The highlight was Iguazu Falls. Absolutely stunning.

    We did not take both tours in Salta as we felt that two back to back long days was too much after everything else we had done. We spent the day wandering around Salta and enjoyed it.

    Motoring to Cafayette and Tucaman was fun. We stayed at the very expensive Patios de Cafayette for a couple of days, but got a. The transfers etc. by the tour companies was excellent and flawless.
    big discount. Very nice place.

     Thank you for your help which is much appreciated. If we know of anyone going to your part of the world who needs assistance we will certainly recommend your services...

  • unforgettable experience in iguazu falls
    17/01/2010 Ujwal     USA 

    Hello Pablo,
    I´m writing from Buenos Aires.  Thank you for the arrangements, they were excellent.  All the transfers in BA have been very good, no problems & no hassle.
    All the tours & transfers by CARACOL in Iguasu were excellent.  We were also happy with HOtel George, particularly the location is very good.

    All in all, we´re very happy with your services, Caracol services, and I will recommend you to my friends.

    Thank you.  Sincerely.

  • luxury hotels in iguazu falls
    16/01/2010 Pamela    US

    Hallo Pablo,
    My apologies for not replying to your message until now. I was enjoying myself so much in Buenos Aires with friends after visiting the falls and now I am back in England I feel relaxed to reply.

    The trip was amazing and one to remember for the rest of my life - thanks particularly to the great organisation you provided. I was met and transferred to the Sheraton very efficiently and was made to feel very welcome. The location of the hotel right by the falls was spectacular and to have a room with the view of the Devil's Throat falls was almost too good to believe. I found the whole experience so amazing with the close accessibility to the falls within walking distance of the hotel and the layout of the whole area very tastefully and practically designed. I would certainly recommend your travel agency and the package you had organised. There is nothing to criticise at all, it was pure surprise and pleasure. I have wonderful photos of which I attach the one of the view from my room to thank you! My family and friends are enjoying my photos and videos too and I will treasure the memory of this wonderful trip. Thank you in particular.

    With warm wishes from England

  • from iguazu falls visiting buenos aires and ushuaia
    13/01/2010 Ian and Heather    USA

    A note to express our appreciation for your great service on our recent visit to Argentina.  Your efficient organization made life simple and stress free for us, with the transfers working out exactly as needed and our visit to Iguazu Falls proved to be a fantastic experience.  Please tell Caracol how invaluable their tour guide Maria was in resolving the confusion at Brazilian Immigration that we experienced.  It was also a particular pleasure to spend the day with you sightseeing in the Buenos Aires area after we disembarked from our Antarctica cruise.  Should we decide to return to Argentina to see Bariloche and Mendoza, we would definitely seek your services again!

  • tour to san ignacio ruines and iguazu falls
    12/10/09 Jennifer and Steven     USA 

    Thank you so much for all your help booking our trip.  We had a wonderful time. We loved where we stayed.  Our first dinner at the restaurant was one of best meals we had in Argentina.  The Iguazu Fall were amazing.  The half day trip in the forest was so much fun. Thank you again for everything. It was a highlight of our trip to Argentina.

  • pictures in iguazu falls
    10/01/2010 Barbara      USA

    Dear Pablo,
    Now I would like to share a little bit about Joe's and my WONDERFUL time enjoying the Iguazu Falls Adventure that you planned for us.

    Every representative that you had arranged was on time, friendly and efficient...from the driver who took us from the hotel to the domestic airport to the driver who smilingly held up a sign with our name on it upon our return to Buenos Aires three days later.  The vouchers you sent were accepted without the airport, at the hotel, and on our excursions to the forest, the falls and the Adventure Boat Ride under the falls.

    Joe and I appreciate the timing that you planned into our itinerary.  We were able to relax for a while after arriving in Iguazu;  then the ziplining, trekking and rappelling filled the afternoon perfectly.  I have attached 3 pictures...Joe rappelling, Barbara ziplining, and both of us starting the climb up from the river after the Adventure Boat Ride under the falls...dripping wet but very happy!

    Hotel St. George was a perfect choice...clean, friendly, efficient and close to the forest and falls.  The casual dining suited us just right.

    Every part of our fantastic 2 1/2 day visit to the awesome wonder of Iguazu Falls unfolded as you had described...that is real comfort to travelers.  I have already recommended this side trip from Buenos Aires to our friends.

    It was a pleasure doing business with you, Pablo.
    Be well and God bless you.

  • vacations in iguazu falls
    9/10/2009 Paul      U.K

    The trip was excellent thank you, of course the falls were fantastic. The guided tour was very good, with a helpful and friendly guide and it was all organised smoothly.
    The overall price was very good so I am happy that we got good value for money.
    Also I was impressed by how easily you rearranged our dates when our flight details were changed.
    I would definitely recommend your company to a friend.

  • travel in iguazu falls
    16/09/09 Jacqueline     U.S.A 

    The falls trip was wonderful. 

    We were very well taken care of, the accommodations and food was great, and the tour operators led wonderful trips. 

    We did not realize the jungle tour included the two canopy and rappelling activities, we thought me might have to pay extra for those; it was a very nice surprise!


  • an exciting experience in buenos aires to mar del plata
    6/09/09 Gary     U.S.A

    Thank you for an excellent day trip to Montevideo! Your company was extremely helpful and efficient. When we got to our hotel in Buenos Aires, one lady told me we she didn't have her ticket and vouchers. I asked the desk to phone your company, and a few minutes later they e-mailed the hotel with replacements. The same lady couldn't find her ferry ticket in Montevideo (eventually she did find it), and the guide said it wouldn't be a problem since you had her in the computer.

     We were met right on time at the hotel for the transfer to the ferry, had no difficulties getting to Montevideo, and were met there by our guide. Everything was well organized, the bus was comfortable, the guide was good, and the lunch was good, the amount of time for shopping was good and we had we had no difficulties getting back to Buenos Aires and our hotel.

     The only thing I would have liked to change was the amount time we spent in Ciudad Vieja, where we stopped for 15 minutes (actually a little more by the time everyone got back to the bus) at Independence Square, barely enough time for a brief visit to the mausoleum and the old City Hall. I would have liked to spend at least an hour in the area around here and the cathedral, as this seemed to be the most interesting part of the city. The rest of the tour was good, but it could easily have been shortened to compensate.

    That's my only suggestion for an improvement. Overall I was very pleased, both for myself and for the group. Thanks again.

  • tour to ushuaia and the perito moreno glacier
    1/09/09 Tommaso     Italy

    Everything was perfect. All times and all the appointments have been met as planned.
    The hotels were all clean, well kept and good category.
    Your availability has been exemplary

    Thanks for everything

  • tour to ushuaia and the perito moreno glacier
    1/09/09 Tommaso     Italy

    Everything was perfect. All times and all the appointments have been met as planned.
    The hotels were all clean, well kept and good category.
    Your availability has been exemplary

    Thanks for everything

  • exciting in iguazu falls
    22/07/09 Joan     U.S.A.

    We loved the trip.  The tours, accommodation and services were excellent.  I wasn’t aware that the jungle tour on day 2 involved an 800 meter zip lining ride through the canopy and a rappel down the side of a cliff (I guess I should have read the fine print) but I enjoyed those activities anyway and so did my daughter. The Falls were amazing and the tour guide was exceptional; a real highlight of our trip to Argentina and Chile.

  • package in iguazu falls
    3/07/09 Isabel     U.S.A

    The trip was awesome and I had the time of my life. Service was excellent and tour guide was very nice and accommodating. I met heaps of nice people and will definitely recommend your company to my friends.
    Thank you for helping me organise my trip. You definitely reduced my stress levels

    Best Wishes

  • the end of the world in ushuaia and the perito moreno glacier
    15/04/09 Meera     U.S.A

    Our trip was excellent, we enjoyed it so much. All arrangements u did for us was great. All guides, services and hotels were good; we did not have any problem there. Above all, people are so nice and helpful.
    I wud recommend to our friends to book thru you
    thx again.

  • unforgattable montevideo and punta del este
    28/07/09 Barb and John     U.S.A

    Hello again Pablo, we are in Punta del Este and really enjoying this place a lot. We also liked the hotel in Montevideo. You have made our trip so much better with your assistance.
    Once we are finished our European vacation we will be in touch more frequently.

    Kind regards

  • tour to misiones and iguazu falls
    23/06/09 Leticia     U.S.A

    Hi Pablo,
    Hugues and I just went back to San Francisco Bay Area, whereas Antoine and Cecile are still in Buenos Aires. We'd like to let you know how wonderful the eco-adventure tour in Iguazu falls, Argentina side. Everything was organized neatly, and we enjoyed everything! We arrived on time on Saturday and went to the hotel right away. The transportation came on time and it didn't take us too long to spot the driver with the sign of our name.

    The half day eco-tour was fun. We enjoy the repelling and the canopy. I didn't dare to look down as I am afraid of height, but at the end I enjoyed the thrill :)
    The dinner and breakfast buffet at the hotel are so yummy! Cecile admitted that she drank the best margarita ever (at St George Hotel).
    The Iguazu tour on Sunday was awesome (especially the boat tour). Thank you again for organizing this tour. We will recommend your service to our friends.