01 Argentina Travel Agency by Sichi Tours.is a company dedicated to tourism on a grand scale. We offer a wide variety of vacations to suit your tastes including all types of lodging, as well as Spanish classes for foreigners in both Uruguay and Argentina.

We are a group of travel agents and Spanish instructors, with our headquarters located in Buenos Aires Argentina (437 Lavalle Street 6th Floor Apart A Buenos Aires) and registered through the Argentinian Ministry of Tourism under the file 17869.

BA Travel Services SAS,
Tax ID inArgentina30-71651090-1, is the registered name of the tour company in Argentina.

We are also active member of ASTA under ID number 900202085, The American Society of Travel Advisors is the world's largest association of travel professionals and this organization facilitates the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism.

Our Argentina Travel Agency is a .travel and a .tur.ar authenticated websites. These seals .travel and .tur.ar, along with our 01argentina.travel and sichitours.tur.ar domain names, provides consumers with an extra level of confidence in knowing that we have been authenticated as a member of the travel industry by industry-exclusive top-level domains. Only travel organizations who go through an authentication process can get a .travel and .tur.ar names. All .travel and .tur.ar web sites are held by legitimate travel organizations and, through its vetting and authentication system, eliminates "cyber squatters" and domain name speculators.

Our Argentina Travel Agency is as well member of AVIABUE which is an Association of Travel Agencies of Buenos Aires that it groups the main Travel Agencies, legally constituted, of the city of Buenos Aires. AVIABUE is regional of FAEVYT - Argentine Federation of Travel and Tourism Business Associations and we are also members of GEA Argentina which is the most important federal network of Independent Travel Agencies in the country with more than 600 partner Agencies in Argentina and 2000 points of sale around the world.

Our spirit is reflected on our websites: 

Upon visiting these websites, you will find a large amount of offers that we supply, however we feel that it is not the number of offers but our personalized services that are the most important aspect of our tourism company. Among these personalized services that help make our relationship with our clients more comfortable, you have the option to pay with a credit card by going to our secure web site so we can confirm your reservations in less than 24hs without you having to leave the comfort of your home. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity as well as many others, all you have to do is consult us! We hope to hear from you soon!


Pablo Diego Polito Gaddi

Travel Director