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  • Buenos Aires
    07/10/2013 Serban     USA

    First of all I wanted to let you know that everything worked very well and we enjoyed a lot the trips, especially iguazu Falls. I will do the review after returning home. I will recommend your agency to any friend visiting Argentina and we might be back in the future.

    Best regards,

  • Mendoza
    27/08/2013 Vladislav    Russia

    Thank you for organizing this trip for us to El Calafate Patagonia. I have no complaints. Everything was perfect.

    Best regards

  • Argentina
    15/09/2013 Joe   USA

    All the tours I took in Buenos Aires were well done. The guides were very good and the tours, interesting. I will recommend your agency to others coming to South America.

    Kind regards,

  • Salte and Jujuy
    27/07/2013 George      France

    01Argentina Travel Agency provided a very professional and pleasant service. You booked top class hotels. The guides you hired knew each destination very well. All drivers were good careful and some of them even funny...which added up to a pleasant travel. From all the travel agents we have used we think of you as top of the list. Great experience with 01Argentina Travel Agency we would recommend your service to anyone who wants a dream vacation in Argentina.

  • the luxury city tour to iguazu falls
    20/07/2013 Julianne    Jamaica

    Our experience with 01 Argentina Travel Agency was simply fantastic and exceeded our expectations in all chapters. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants an unforgettable travel experience. We simply told 01 Argentina Travel Agency, where we wanted to go and they arranged everything for us. Bus tours, flights, papers we needed etc. all were provided by them and the whole tour went smooth because of that. We always chose carefully our travel agency and in choosing 01Argnetina’s services we were able to save some money ( some tour operators in Argentina wanted to charge us like 20% more and not to mention a lot of time we would have spent otherwise searching for papers and other things needed in order to be able to visit Argentina.

  • north argentina
    12/07/2013 Robert    South Africa

    We had a fabulous time and saw some wonderful sites while visiting Argentina with the help of our lovely friends from 01 Argentina Travel Agency. The highlight of our tour I think it was the colored lands from Salta & Jujuy, I have never seen anything like it, a wonderful gift from mother nature. 01 Argentina Travel Agency have done their job well I couldn’t ask more of them, accommodations were great, the people we worked with were nice and polite, our tour guides were entertaining and informative and extremely good company. All in all a good and well worth tour.

  • Iguazu falls
    19/07/2013 Julia     USA

    The trip to the iguazu falls went very smoothly and we were very pleased.  The Falls were breathtakingly beautiful and the guides were all very helpful.  Thank you for your help organizing it!

  • Iguazu falls
    22/07/2013 Amy     USA


    We really enjoyed our trip to Iguazu!! Our guide was great and our boys had a fun time with him. The hotel was nice and we were very pleased with breakfast. The staff at the hotel were very friendly and helpful. We are still very happy that we were able to take the trip to Iguazu. The boat ride was amazing and we are so glad that we spent the extra money to take the boat tour. That was the highlight of our trip there. Our boys loved it!! Thanks again for making the arrangements for us and for all of your help and advice before our trip.

  • Iguazu falls
    9/08/2013 John     U.K

    What an amazing vacation in Argentina !! Thank you for making such a thing possible. Our family travels a lot and we have always took our kids as we want them to be well traveled and create some awesome memories. My oldest just turned 18, my youngest is 14 and on some tours we took in the past they tended to get bored after a while, but not on the tour to Buenos Aires and Iguazu falls. They were connected the whole time, asked a lot questions about this and that, their interest was clear, and couldn’t get enough our guides stories. Keep up the good work and hopefully we will use your services again !!!

  • Iguazu falls
    23/08/2013 Peter    USA

    Your company, 01Argentina Travel Agency, was recommended to me by a friend who is very well traveled. I’ve followed his advice and I was utterly impressed by the professional services I received from you guys. My travel experience is in an early stage, and I only used a few tour operators thus far but from all 01 Argentina Travel Agency was the only one who followed all my requests by the book and in some cases ( like the winery in Mendoza) even improved them. I understand now why you have such a large community of people recommending you; it’s hard not to praise an almost perfect service. I am now one of them and you have my full recommendation and support, thank you for your hard work while I was in Argentina.

  • Buenos Aires
    22nd June 2013 Bob    USA

    The tour I’ve been on with 01 Argentina was breathtaking what was promised by the travel agency was delivered no doubt about it. I have only one wish: to stay more :( ... everything was immaculate and well-designed I only wished we could stay more but time was pressing us. Keep up the good work you will be recommended to all my buddies in New York.

  • Argentina
    17th June 2013 Emily    UK

    Sorry for the delayed reply - I completely thought I had already sent you an email. First of all, thank you for everything. The trip went perfectly and from start to finish, and was professional and personable. You company planned the trip in accordance to our schedule and hopes for the excursion, and the guide and driver were great. The service made a special trip even more special.


  • Iguazu falls
    25/08/2013 Laura Sophie    Canada

    I didn’t read the reviews on this page until I was about to write mine but I have the same experience as many others here. Went through my holiday without a care in the world, because, everything was already taken care of I only needed to be there on time. The price was cheaper than other tour operators to Argentina previously quoted, but the service was pristine and every employee was a delight. All in all 01 Argentina Travel Agency provided a wonderful tour. Recommended.

  • Mendoza
    02nd June 2013 Dave    USA

    Our tour with 01 Argentina Travel Agency was a bliss. Their attention to finding a perfect tour for such a diverse group of ages and interests was no doubt a challenging task but they’ve managed to do it and they’ve done it well! From the specific activities to the hotels, they’ve chose perfectly for us almost everything even down to the personality of the guides, drivers or vineyard staffs, we felt Argentina with the impression that the tour was created especially for us. From my point of view, 01 Argentina Travel Agency provided an excellent tour. Whole heartedly recommended.

  • the luxury city tour to iguazu falls
    9th April 2013 Dorothy Driscoll     USA

    Good morning,
    Trip was fantastic and very well planned. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. The falls and our hotel were spectacular. Your agency did a fantastic job. We did however have a problem with going to the Brazil falls.
    It seems from the booking of this trip to our arrival in Iguazu our visas expired the beginning of April and we could not cross over for the Brazil tour. and had to stay behind at the hotel
    Very disappointing.
    The rest of the trip was spectacular.

  • Salte and Jujuy
    24th May 2013 Sophie     UK

    I was actually meaning to email you, but only have had a chance today. Our overall trip was very good. The hotel was excellent and the trip to Iguazu falls was an amazing experience. Yours,

  • Iguazu falls
    18th March 2013 Bridget     UK

    Just to stay the trip was fantastic, falls everything and above my expectations. All flights on time and met at the airport, hotel very good, all in all a lovely trip, thanks for your help.
    Back to cold in England Thanks so much