6 anti stress destinations in Argentina, so you can choose your vacation without stress

Did you get tired of the routine? How about if we show you 6 anti stress destinations in Argentina so you can start to relax.

Escape from the noise and chaos of the city, find yourself again and above all, do what makes you happy!

For all this, we prepared a list with 6 stress destinations in Argentina.

So you can choose your vacation for the summer, without stressing out!

1- El Bolsón – Río Negro

Located at the foot of Cerro Piltriquitrón, in a deep valley of glacial origin in the middle of a landscape of mountains, confiera forests, rivers and lakes.

Why is El Bolson one of the anti stress destinations in Argentina?

The beautiful destination of El Bolsón offers us landscapes that give us a feeling of immensity and stillness and is the first on the list of anti-stress destinations in Argentina.

El Bolson Patagonia Argentina

It has truly unmissable places such as the Hielo and Río Azul and Lake Puelo, just 20 km to the south, making up the paradise of the Andean region of parallel 42.

Also the multiple activities that can be carried out at any time of the year are for the whole family, it is a more than advisable destination to go with children.

Its people are always ready to lend a hand so that visitors do not miss the opportunity to know the best places that surround it.

2. Villa La Angostura – Neuquén

In the southernmost area of ​​the Province of Neuquén, on the north bank of Lake Nahuel Huapi, this warm mountain village is born, nestled in the middle of the Patagonian mountain range.

Villa La Angostura is located 473 km from the capital of Neuquén and 76 km from San Carlos de Bariloche.

Why is Villa la Angostura one of the anti stress destinations in Argentina?

This paradisiacal place in Patagonia Argentina is the encounter with nature.

Bahía Brava, Villa la Angostura, Neuquén - Drone
Villa La Angostura Lake District

In the middle of the mountain range, surrounded by lakes, rivers and ancient forests, it is the perfect destination to relax and unwind.

All its natural beauty accompanied by services for tourists; A wide range of hotels, inns, cabins and camping sites, shopping centers and galleries, exclusive tea houses and high-class gastronomic establishments make Villa la Angostura an ideal destination.

You don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy this paradise!

3. Purmamarca – Jujuy

Purmamarca is a small town from the early seventeenth century, located just 65 km from San Salvador de Jujuy and at about 2,190 meters above sea level.

The meaning of its name is translated as ‘people of the virgin land’ in the Aimar aboriginal language.

Why is Purmamarca one of the anti stress destinations in Argentina?

Purmamarca, Jujuy - Foto Hernan Paganini
Argentine Northwest

Although the town has undergone major transformations in recent years, it maintains intact its spirit, the quality of its hotels and its unchanging peaceful atmosphere.

This small town is surrounded by a natural beauty without comparisons, such as the Cerro de los Siete Colores, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It offers us an unparalleled view of one of the most recognized postcards of the Argentine northwest, making this destination a place of special charm with a taste of tranquility and privacy that tourists want for an unforgettable vacation.

4. La Paz – Entre Ríos

Located northwest of the Province of Entre Ríos, at the confluence of the Cabayú Cuatiá stream with the Paraná River, 512 km. from Buenos Aires and 171 from Paraná by RN 12.

La Paz has a population of around 30,000 inhabitants.

Why is La Paz one of the anti stress destinations in Argentina?

La Paz means green, clean air, tranquility and security.

La Paz, Entre Ríos
Entre Rios La Paz

A special place where the protagonist in every corner is its imposing Paraná and its beaches.

Its natural beauty translates into excellent landscapes and unforgettable sunsets.

La Paz, Entre Ríos

Due to its beautiful ravines on the river, you can appreciate and contemplate the magnitude of the flora and fauna of the marshlands and islands that surround La Paz.

Fishing and water sports are the favorites of the visitors.

Is there anything more relaxing than seeing the calm river pass before our eyes?

5. Esteros del Iberá – Corrientes

The Esteros del Iberá are a wide network of streams, streams, swamps, lagoons and baths that cover between 15,000 and 25,000 km² in the center of the Province of Corrientes.

The word “Iberá” means “bright waters” in the Guarani language.

Esteros del Ibera, Parque Nacional Iberá - Corrientes - Argentina
Esteros del Ibera Corrientes

Why are the Iberá Wetlands one of the anti stress destinations in Argentina?

It is a dream place, one of the great natural reserves of the country, with landscapes of incomparable beauty, owner of an immense variety of flora and fauna.

It is a unique experience to see the glow or shine in its water mirrors during dawn or dusk.

In recent years it has established itself as a destination with a perfect combination of nature and comfort, adventure and relaxation.

This may be your next destination if you want to connect with nature and breathe fresh air.

6. Termas de Cacheuta – Mendoza

An obligatory stop in Mendoza, to know and enjoy the Termas de Cacheuta and the last one on our list of anti stress destinations in Argentina.

A place with a lot of mystique, surrounded by the Andes Mountains and by the waters of the Mendoza River, a few km from the city.

Termas de Cacheuta, Mendoza
Termas de Cacheuta Mendoza Argentina

Why is Termas de Cacheuta one of the anti stress destinations in Argentina?

Supreme pleasure, relaxation and relaxation seem to be his magic words.

The thermal center extends as a harmonious continuation of the Mendoza landscape.

A set of stone pools with different temperatures and hydrotherapies make this destination a perfect place to relax.

All this added to a great infrastructure and hosting services inside and outside the premises.

In addition to an excellent gastronomic proposal.

All this makes the Termas de Cacheuta a must for the summer. To enjoy!

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