Mini Trekking Perito Moreno Glacier

Most exciting tour to the Perito Moreno Glacier

The Perito Moreno glacier is famous because you can walk on it. The good news is that this experience is not reserved for seasoned athletes, but for anyone who is anime.
Privileged to be one of the few glacial formations in the world that originate at a height of 1,500 meters above sea level and drops to 200 meters, the Perito Moreno glacier and observation enables access enviable.

We start from the city of El Calafate to travel the 80 miles that separated us from the glacier. Agreed all the people of Ice and Adventure, the idea was to make the famous minitrekking, which is to sail on Lake Argentino and appreciate the Perito Moreno Glacier, landing on its shores for a walk from there for him in the group using crampons.

After embarking, sailed about 20 minutes with his eyes lost in the whimsical forms, folds and shades of the walls of ice more than 60 meters above the lake.

When there is any break or rupture, these massive blocks of ice falling into Lake Argentino and produce not only a great noise is heard from several kilometers, but also a great wave that often comes to the coast.

Mini Trekking Perito Moreno

Mini Trekking Perito Moreno

We arrived at the south side of the glacier and soon we joined one of the groups that Ice and Adventure guides were arming to start the experience.

Most times, groups are constructed according to the language (English or Spanish) speaking visitors. After a brief chat at the shelter to coordinate the trip, we started the walk, first through a grove of beech and ñires and then the lake shore to the edge of the ice.

In a small beach where a break is made, the leaders begin to give a full explanation of the glacial formations and the Perito Moreno glacier in particular. The technical talk.

A few meters away the crampons and we waited while authorized personnel Adventure Ice and we were placed, received precise instructions to walk on the ice as it should be, ie without hurting.

Now, the glacier was at our feet. It was the moment of truth, where the ground you walk on is going to turn white and where the feeling of walking on ice is going to turn real.

Easy and effortless they set out to discover and explore this incredible expanse of white. Countless cracks, sinkholes, small lakes and ice called seracs are fragmented wild and captivating space.

A beautiful lagoon of mineral water, natural and frost, invited us to drink, something we did with the approval of the guide that took advantage to show the fragility of the ice that covers it.

It seems incredible, but the Perito Moreno slips every day and a half meter in the center and 40 inches on the sides, changing its appearance from day to day and forcing the leaders to change their regular route.

This movement does not mean progress, because the loss of ice mass in the front that is recovered with the amount contributed by the catchment area makes the relationship is stable.

The return to the camp to leave the crampons and begin navigating the lake we found a sweet surprise: whiskey on the rocks, crushed right there to toast our little cruise glacier. And the unique Perito Moreno!

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