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Lying in the Valle de Lerma, Salta is the capital city of the homonymous province. It is one of the most fertile and pleasant provinces formed by nature in this region, about 1187 m at the foot of the hills February 20 and San Bernardo.

The weather in Salta has a moderate summer and a dry and warm winter with an average temperature of 22 º C, making Salta ideal all year round to travel.

Tour Packages to Salta

Tour Packages to Salta

Thanks to the airport Aybal, located 9 km from the city through National Route N º 51, Salta has air communication with the cities of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Tucumán and Jujuy. Sometimes in that airport arrive some international flights. Another path is through the Provincial Route N º 9 or National Route No. 34.

The Hispanic architecture of the city is different from the rest of the cities of Argentina.Their houses, streets, ancient monuments and narrow sidewalks surrounding mountains have framed the colonial spirit of the moment of its foundation.

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The tourist circuit of Salta city consists of a walk through its numerous statues, churches and the Cathedral San Francisco and the interesting historical and anthropological museums.
Outside the city of Salta major tours take place between highlighting the Tren a las Nubes, a rail pass that up through the clouds as it crosses the Andes at about 4220 m high. A visit to Salta undoubtedly involve tasting the delicious empanadas from Salta which are world renowned.

Due to its particular location, forming a ring between the Andes Mountains to the west and the Argentine-Paraguayan Chaco to the east, Salta has a huge variety of climates and geography. For that matter, landscapes and tourist circuits can be enjoyed in each of its regions, the tourist circuits in Salta are very diverse and unique: from the ruthless and cold puna, the soft and cozy through valleys to the splendor of the jungle with its fierce tropical .

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Besides the scenery, varied wildlife, stunning, Salta is also the historical and cultural heritage that invite a deeper understanding of the Argentine past. The traveler who comes to Salta will have the opportunity to get in touch with ancestral customs that remain alive and fertile in the village.
The bravery of the Incas, their special relationship with death, their way of cultivating the land, its particular rhythms andintonations that stains the Spanish spoken in this land, are legacies present and alive, not museum pieces.

Salta was also a key player in Argentina’s history. Since the conquest, when it was a link between the Upper Peru and Buenos Aires, through the gauchos de Guemes and they performance during the war of independence to the near present labor struggles in the mines.

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The old mansions and estates of the colonial time were transformed into hotels and clubs, to provide all the warmth of its thick walls and charming courtyards and gardens.

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