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When you travel to Argentina you will realize that Argentina is a country of Gauchos, Mate, Asado, Tango, Pampas, and Dulce de leche. The name immediately conjures up the image of big steaks, passionate men and women and long night of eating the best meat of the world and sipping mate, afterwards.
When talking about Argentina, inevitably appear in the imagination the gauchos and tango, but what really captivates many travelers it is its natural beauty. The variety of its landscape ranges from the northern deserts of the Andes to the south, from Iguazu Falls to the desolate Patagonia. And, above all, stands Buenos Aires, the capital, a magnificent city that can surprise as elegant as neo-European culture.

In fact, the most revealing feature of the high number of immigrants is to see how the features of European culture have remained intact during their adaptation to the so called New World. Therefore, Argentina is a Latin American country where Europeans, Americans and Anglophones feel comfortable and go virtually unnoticed.

The main tourist destinations of Argentina are:

Travel to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s largest city, is a seductive world capital located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. Portenos, as the diverse people of Buenos Aires are known, possess an elaborate and rich cultural identity. Built by European immigrants, Buenos Aires often surprises first-time visitors with its resemblance to parts of Barcelona, Paris, and Rome. MORE INFORMATION to travel to Buenos Aires

Travel to the Iguazu Falls:

The city of Puerto Iguazu is located in the northeast region of Argentina, 300 km north of the provincial capital, Guest, bordering Brazil and Paraguay through the confluence of the Parana and Iguazu rivers.
Excellent tourist place, there is the greatest spectacle of water and jungle on the face of the earth through the majestic Iguazu Falls,”great waters” in Guaraní language.The Iguazu Waterfall is a true wonder of nature and is heralded as the most beautiful waterfall in the world by many visitors. The iguazu falls are extremely beautiful, an earthquake for the senses, a life-altering experience awaits you at the Iguazú Falls, in the north east of Argentina. MORE INFORMATION to travel to the Iguazu Falls

Travel to Salta:

The City of Salta (1100 mts above sea level) offers a unique testimony of the process of colonization that took place in Argentina during the 18th and 19th century. The province of Salta is located in the far northwestern region of the Argentina Republic. The Tropic of Capricorn crosses it by the north and the entire province is situated on the longitudinal axis of the American continent. It borders on three Latin American countries: Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. Salta is lying in the Valle de Lerma, Salta is the capital city of the homonymous province. It is one of the most fertile and pleasant natural places in this region, that goes from the hills February 20th and San Bernardo. MORE INFORMATION to travel to Salta

tour to Salta and Jujuy

Travel to Patagonia:

Patagonia, the land of wonders, is a very big region taking up most of Southern Argentina. The region features a glacier-dotted mountainous interior, unique coastal wildlife and amazing Andean national parks. The mountains and lakes in Patagonia are also some of the most beautiful of all found in the world. The Patagonia Argentina can be broken up into the following travel destinations: The Lake Region where the main tourist city is Bariloche, Atlantic Patagonia with Puerto Madryn and the whale watching, Southern Patagonia with Perito Moreno glacier and Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia the most southern town in the world. Each destination is very unique and they offer much to entice the tourist. MORE INFORMATION to travel to Patagonia

travel to patagonia

Travel to Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is a city located in the Rio Negro province, at 770 meters above sea level and at 1,680 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. Bariloche is one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina, is known as a popular winter and summer resort in the Argentinian Andes. Besides Bariloche is consider as one the of the most beautiful city of the Lake Region and it really much resembles European alpine resorts, with spectacular surrounding scenery in everywhere. Moreover in Bariloche you can take a trip around magnificent lakes, explore the scenic mountains, or partake in numerous sports activities such as skiing, golfing, hiking, biking and whitewater rafting. MORE INFORMATION to travel to Bariloche

tours to Bariloche

Travel to El Calafate Perito Moreno glacier

The beautiful city of El Calafate is the gateway to the fascinating world of the National Park Los Glaciares. El Calafate is located 316 km from Rio Gallegos, capital of the province of Santa Cruz, and takes its name from the small bush called Calafate, typical of southern Patagonia, which is extracted from a fruit ideal for making sweets.
At the edge of the steppe, the village is a tourist resort it has gained national and international importance in recent years. From here starts the majority of the circuits to visit the glaciers, especially the famous glacier Perito Moreno. MORE INFORMATION to travel to El Calafate.

tavel to Perito Moreno

Travel to Ushuaia:

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego offers a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy of its amazing environment, a combination of mountains, sea, glaciers, forests, you can hire a modern catamaran or a comfortable sailing boat, which will take you along the Beagle Channel, to the Cape Horn (in the Chilean side) and the Antartic Continent, in the way you can see the local birds and fauna, such as penguins and sea-wolves. It is the world’s southernmost city. Because of its location near the South Pole, has approximately eighteen hours of daylight in summer while in winter, only seven or eight. MORE INFORMATION to travel to Ushuaia

visti ushuaia

Travel to Puerto Madryn

The city of Puerto Madryn is located near the blue waters of Golfo Nuevo, off the east coast of Chubut Province, situated on the cliffs of a small plateau that features a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. The whale season is one of the attractions that became known in the world this beautiful city. From June to December arrive on its shores distinct populations of southern whale species, which can be observed in the sightings board departing from Puerto Piramides and from some natural viewpoints and almost all the beaches surrounding the city. MORE INFORMATION to travel to Puerto Madryn

puerto madryn argentina

Travel to Mendoza, Argentina

The city of Mendoza is the most important place in the region of Cuyo and it is the capital of the province of Mendoza. Famous for its Cerro Aconcagua, for its Malbec wines and because the city wove the saga of Liberator General San Martín, the father of the Nation, is one of the most beautiful city of the country Argentina.
Mendoza is located at the foot of the Andes, is an incredible man-made oasis thanks to Mendoza and Tunuyán rivers, which have been wisely channeled into a vast irrigation system that gives life to everything they touch. MORE INFORMATION to travel to Mendoza in Argentina.

Travel to Uruguay

Despite its small size, the image of Uruguay is drawn following the relief of its beautiful scenery. Among its many attractions including one of the most interesting capitals in South America, colonial towns of great charm and its famous beaches, known in all parts of the world. Montevideo is the capital and it extends along the Rio de la Plata. To the west of Montevideo, bordering the Rio de la Plata and the Uruguay river, is located the most important agricultural area of the country where Colonia del Sacramento is its main attraction. But the larger tourist resort is the famous city of Punta del Este, one of the finest South American destinations. MORE INFORMATION to travel to Uruguay

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Travel to Chile

Travelers are attracted to this narrow strip of land that is Chile,especially the spectacular Pacific Coast, the great avenues urban, highlands of the Andes and the opportunities to practice sports adventure. Chilean culture has survived the violence of its recent history and is thriving again thanks to a population known for its warm and flexible character. Despite possessing one of the communities most important of European origin in South America, indigenous traditions persist in the Andean foothills and the southern plains. It also has some of the most beautiful nationalparks of the Southern Cone that attract hikers alike and observers of guanacos.

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