Tour to the Perito Moreno glacier

Visit the Perito Moreno glacier

This tour is the most important and busiest in the area. The glacier is an indescribable spectacle that fills the visitor with wonder and admiration, even from the first sighting several miles away on the road. The drive from El Calafate to the glacier is a succession of lakes, streams, forests and snowy mountains. The contemplation of this natural phenomenon breath away thousands of tourists who come from different parts of the world.

Duration in the Perito Moreno Glacier

The visit to the glacier demand most of the day, usually starting at El Calafate in the morning and returning in the afternoon.

Transportation from El Calafate

Description of the Perito Moreno Glacier

This glacier is born in the Patagonian Continental Ice-as virtually all the glaciers in the area, and moving slowly like a huge river of ice more than 25 kilometers long into the Icebergs Channel of Lake Argentino. At its mouth, the front of 4 kilometers wide rises over 60 meters above water level and because of its forward motion and compression, often gigantic blocks of ice break off in a crash only comparable to the sound of thunder.

The fame of this glacier is due precisely to the particular behavior of moving forward and back, sometimes completely it closed the passage of water in the canal of the floes, forming a natural dam of ice, then water pressure undermines the glacier to fractured and monumental cause rupture and restores the current lake level to normal. The last time this phenomenon occurred was in February 1988.

The vast extent of this glacier nearly 200 square kilometers, equivalent to the area of the city of Buenos Aires – is an endless pattern of cracks and ridges of ice that displays all the color variations from blue to white.

Tours to the Glacier Perito Moreno:

Tours to Perito Moreno Glacier

Tours to Perito Moreno Glacier

All year long there are daily organized excursions to the glacier with the leadership of qualified guides, and may include alternative hiking trails in the vicinity of the runway, photo stops at viewpoints along the way, food for lunch or even binoculars for travel, among other services.

According to expectations, available time and budget, there are several options-trekking, lake tours and to learn and enjoy more about this natural wonder.

Travel Itinerary to the Perito Moreno Glacier

It comes only by road and from El Calafate, with a total distance of 88 km. The route starts traveling Provincial Route No. 11 that runs along the south shore of Lake Argentino. This first section is traversed by Route which is in very good condition.

The first impression of this tour is the magnificent view of Lake Argentino and snowy mountain ranges peripherals.

After the junction with Route No. 60, at 48 km of the trail leads to the entrance of Glacier National Park, where you pay the entrance fee. As you progress, climate and flora show the transition between steppe and forest andinopatagonico, with cooler and moisture in the air. The road continues along the Brazo Rico of Lake Argentino in the south face of the Magallanes peninsula, into the periphery of Nothofagus forest. Tree species vary with humidity, altitude and proximity to the ice, standing mainly beech, ñire the cohigue and then beech and cherry in the vicinity of the glacier. On the side of the road can also be seen notros (red flowers), caulking bushes (yellow flowers and purple fruit) and Chinese lanterns (yellow parasitic plant). In autumn, leaves turn forests into multiple variations of red.

Six miles before reaching its destination, after an upward curve leads to a lookout with panoramic views of the glacier first known as “The Curve of Sighs.” This viewpoint with sufficient space to park the vehicle, is an excellent opportunity to breathe fresh air, watching the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier and the adjacent hills.

Finally, the road ends at the western tip of the peninsula, where and with feet on the ground and the impressive front of more than five kilometers from the glacier front is entered to the gangways. They are arranged in a circuit of three levels, with stairs and balconies that can appreciate the glacier from different perspectives. An alternative for those who are looking for other views of the north side of Moreno glacier front is the Path of the Coast, which is only performed to the accompaniment of a qualified guide.

To return to El Calafate takes the same path.

Recommendations to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier

It is essential to wear warm clothing and waterproof jacket due to the proximity, or even direct contact with this mass-ice and climate variation in these latitudes.

To enjoy the walks is advisable to wear comfortable shoes, trekking as far as possible.

Glasses and sunscreen filter is necessary to observe glacier safely and protect the skin from exposure to strong UV rays of the sun.

In addition, extra rolls of film, gloves and hat.

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