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Several beavers were brought from Canada to try and develop the fur industry. The results were not as good as expected and they reproduced on a large scale. Naturally, these characters built their dams in the middle of the lakes that they themselves have created, thus changing the landscape beyond all recognition. Of course they are a plague, but there are many people who defend them.

Beaver encounter takes place in the evening, because that's the only time of day when they leave their lodges. We close up on their habitat along challenging mud tracks, then, after kitting ourselves up on learning about their lives, we'll be enjoying a delicious stew under the impressive sunset.

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The main highlights to see are: Rio Chico Valley, Amazing view of Olivia Peak.

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The menu includes main course, dessert and drinks.
Transfer back to the hotel at approx. 11 PM
This tour can be taken every day at 6 pm from November to March.

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