What are the 15 best restaurants in Buenos Aires, according to a prestigious American site

Cuáles son los 38 mejores restaurantes en Buenos Aires, según un prestigioso sitio estadounidense

Eater magazine recommends a selection of “the iconic foods, the most popular resources, some hidden gems and some interesting openings”

An article published yesterday in a prestigious American site presented the 15 best restaurants in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA). The note highlights that although for a long time the Argentine palate was dedicated to eating “grilled meats”, today “a new generation of foodies has awakened an interest in dishes centered on vegetables, emerging patisseries, vermouth bars and wine”.

According to the author of the ranking, published by Eater, in these gastronomic venues you can find “the emblematic foods, the most popular resources, some hidden gems and some interesting openings”.

Here are the places highlighted by the specialized media:

1. Alos

Facebook Alo´s

Alo’s is located in San Isidro and its open kitchen is the work of Alejandro Féraud. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this modern bistro quickly became a hit for its unique way of reversing traditional Argentine flavors.

The premises are located on Calle Blanco Encalada at 2120, in Boulogne, San Isidro. [$$$$]

2. Narda Comedor

Comedor Narda

Narda Comedor, by chef Narda Lepes, is in Bajo Belgrano. Her proposal is a kitchen that puts vegetables in the main plan. Many items are inspired by Lepes’s travels through Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, and a talented team of cooks serves dishes for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.

The place is located in Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre at 664. [$$$]

3. Corte comedor

Corte Carnicería

Although Uruguayan chef (and disciple of Francis Mallmann) Santiago Garat constantly changes the menu, you can expect them to serve the best quality homemade sirloin, brisket, pork loin and chorizo. The spicy lamb appetizers or the seasonal vegetable garnishes are unmissable. And whoever comes to this place cannot forget to knock on the door at Corte Carnicería, one of the best in the city, to buy sausages, pork and dried beef.

The store is located at Avenida Olazábal 1395. [$$$]

4. La Kitchen

Página oficial La Kitchen

Located in the Saavedra neighborhood, this bakery and cafeteria in the north of the city makes baked goods. Sweet and savory matches are often found at birthday parties and family gatherings, but it’s always a good time to enjoy a sweet glazed puff pastry filled with ham and cheese. Many customers can go for chipás, pastrami bites on pletzalej and croissants filled with raspberry jam. The Kitchen recently expanded its original venue and now has ample indoor and outdoor patio seating.

The premises are located at Núñez 3400. [$$]

5. Heladería Gruta

Heladería Gruta página oficial

While Argentina may be famous for its meat, the unsung hero of the food scene is ice cream. The Italian-style ice cream is already a big business in Buenos Aires, especially in this family-owned ice cream parlor in Belgrano that has been manufacturing in an artisanal way for more than 43 years. If it’s too difficult to choose between the 50 flavors, there are three that are the most popular: dulce de leche, sambayón and chocolate. Good tip: when ordering half a kilo or more, the ice cream will arrive covered with homemade caramelized almonds.

You can find this place in Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 2356. [$]

6. Anafe

Instagram Anafe

After hosting wildly popular pop-ups, chefs Mica Najmanovich and Nicolas Arcucci opened Anafe, where the vibe is laid-back but the dishes are anything but relaxed. Chefs reinterpret Eastern European, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines in small plates that emphasize texture, freshness and flavor. Vegetarians won’t leave hungry either, as more than half the menu is meatless. The list to drink features an excellent selection of boutique wines. And there is still room for dessert.

The premises are located in Virrey Avilés 3216. [$$$]

7. Atelier Fuerza Dos

Atelier Fuerza Dos

Francisco Seubert started baking sourdough bread in his house after watching some instructional videos on YouTube, and later sold it outside specialty coffee shops in the City. Today, he is the co-owner of Atelier Fuerza Dos, one of the fastest growing bakeries in the country. With a team of young bakers, Atelier Fuerza Dos has the mission of highlighting the baking culture of Argentina, honoring the most traditional baked goods such as ricotta cake, pastafrola, palmeritas, alfajores, coquitos and chipá. The store is intended for those who want to stop by for a quick coffee and pastries to go, due to limited space.

The premises are located at Delgado 1461. [$]

8. Mishiguene

Página oficial Mishiguene

Chef Tomás Kalika’s exclusive Jewish restaurant recreates Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine using fresh ingredients and modern techniques, in a way that intrigues and evokes nostalgia. Bone-in pastrami can leave several diners speechless.

The premises are located at Lafinur 3368. [$$$$]

9. Casa Cavia

Página oficial Casa Cavia

Casa Cavia looks straight out of a Vogue fashion magazine photo shoot. This old house shares space with a cultural center, which is also a bar, flower shop, cafeteria and restaurant. A good idea is to sit in the garden, to enjoy lunch from Monday to Friday, an afternoon snack or a drink before dinner. Chef Julieta Caruso designed the restaurant’s menu, which tends to draw inspiration from seasonal ingredients, while the bar serves some of the best cocktails in the neighborhood.

The premises are located at Cavia 2985. [$$$$]

10. Catalino

Facebook Catalino

Catalino began as a closed-door restaurant, a popular business model in Buenos Aires that has been a trend in the last decade. Now, its doors are open to the public for “sincere cuisine”, thus known as cuisine made with agro-ecological ingredients.

Those who discover this place can relax on the patio and try dishes such as choripán with chimichurri and salsa criolla, wild boar ribs and flan with homemade dulce de leche for dessert.

The premises are located at Maure 3126. [$$$]

11. La Mezzetta

Facebook La Mezzeta

It’s clear why Argentines take pizza culture so seriously: over 60% of the population is of Italian descent. Many say that the slice of cheese and onion fugazzeta at La Mezzetta strikes the perfect balance between quality and consistency.

The store is located at Avenida Álvarez Thomas 1321. [$$$]

12. Strange Brewing

Facebook Strange Brewing

For decades, Argentines who like beer in Buenos Aires almost exclusively consumed Quilmes. In recent years, however, the City has seen a craft beer boom. There may be dozens of breweries in every neighborhood, but few are as welcoming as this little brewery and tavern.

The store is located at Delgado 658. [$$$]

13. La Carnicería

Facebook La Carnicería

After centuries of the same traditional grilled meat, a restaurant modernized the typical grill. La Carnicería puts a twist on classic steakhouse food with dishes that excite all the senses. When sitting at the bar, a good option is to drink a lemon verbena gin and tonic and try the smoked chorizos, caramelized sweetbreads, beef tiraditos and steaks. The cabbage steak is one of the stars for those who are vegetarian.

The premises are located at Támesis 2317. [$$$]

14. Tres Monos

Instagram Los Monos

There are only ten seats at Bar Tres Monos, the little cocktail spot on Palermo Soho’s Calle Thames. Sebastián Atienza used to bartend at the popular Florería Atlántico before opening his own place to focus on cocktails with a distinctive Argentine personality. In the place you can try drinks like Dame un Tiki -which has rum, pineapple, celery, fernet and Hesperidin-. Tres Monos was ranked 33rd in the world’s 50 best bars in 2021.

The premises are located in Guatemala 4899. [$$]

15. El preferido de Palermo

Facebook El Preferido de Palermo

It was a sad day when El Preferido de Palermo closed. Palermo’s iconic bodegón had survived since 1952. Fortunately, it reopened under the watchful eye of Don Julio’s restaurateur Pablo Rivero, who not only renovated the entire space, but called in chefs Guido Tassi and Martín Lukesch to take over. from the kitchen.

Open daily for lunch and dinner at Jorge Luis Borges 2108. [$$$]

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