The best place to watch whales is in Argentina

The Doradillo is located 15 km from the city of Puerto Madryn, covering an area parallel to the coast of 3 km wide, extending from Punta Arco to Cerro Prismatic along 25 km.
The main attraction in Puerto Madryn is in the coastal sighting of the Southern Right Whale, (Eubalaena australis) that congregates there every year between the months of June to October to breed and nurse their young.
The appearance of its coasts makes sighting more attractive and successful, so that these huge cetaceans can be seen just a few meters from the beach, taking into account the high tide times which can be consulted in the Tourist Information Centers.
At the “Punta Flecha” observatory, a place created by the Patagonia Natural Foundation, it is possible to find information and interpret the life of these marine specimens. The native fauna is present through guanacos, maras, foxes, furry and other species typical of this semi-desert ecosystem.
The characteristics of the area allow the development of other recreational activities, in addition to those typical of a coastal environment (sun, beach, trekking, mountain biking), such as nature photography and birdwatching.
It is recommended to visit the different protected areas by the hand of a local travel and tourism agency, because they have a specific knowledge of the area, they have specialized guides, with insurance for each person, in addition to giving them the security of living a memorable experience.

Peninsula of Valdés

Peninsula Valdes is a World Heritage Site for many things, but especially because it is the place that whales choose to breed and have their young every year. Not for nothing, the southern right whale was declared a National Natural Monument in 1984. And what a monument: this mammal can measure up to 15 meters long and weighs an average of 40 tons.
From June to December, these giants reach the shores of the Golfo Nuevo, and with them, many tourists from around the world. In Puerto Pirámides, the only town within the Península Valdés natural reserve, you can see boat trips, catamarans and even a semi-submersible, the Yellow Submarine, one of the last tourist proposals that emerged in relation to whales.
Another good option to see them closely is on the beaches of El Doradillo, 15 kilometers from the city of Puerto Madryn, with very deep waters a few meters from the shore. There they can be accompanied from one end of the beach to the other, while they teach their babies how to swim. The entrance to this natural area is free.
As reported by the National Geographic magazine, Península Valdés is among the 10 best places around the world to see whales.
For this same reason, the city of Puerto Madryn, the main gateway to Península Valdés, will host the “World Day Against Whaling” this year. The meetings will be held from July 22 to 24 and will convene representatives of the International Whaling Commission, as well as officials, operators, NGOs and scientists. The exhibitions will be held at the National Patagonian Center (Cenpat-Conicet), and will discuss the non-lethal use of cetaceans and the situation of poachers.
Puerto Pirámides is one of the most outstanding biological areas of the Patagonian coast, due to the presence of right whales, elephants and sea lions, Magellanic penguins, dolphins, orcas and many other species of terrestrial fauna and flora. Some nearby tourist spots are: Isla de los Pájaros, Puerto Pirámides, Punta Delgada, Caleta Valdés and Punta Norte.
HOW TO GET THERE: Andes Líneas Aéreas offers regular flights between the airports of the City of Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn, from Monday to Friday.
BOATS: Six operators offer sightings in gommons or catamarans, with crew and guide, of one hour and a half of duration.

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