Adventure, excursions, shopping and the best food in Ushuaia

Adventure and excursions in Ushuaia

Enjoy active Tierra del Fuego: on horseback, mountain bike, 4×4, mythical trails, above and below the waters.
Cross the island on horseback along an Indian path to the oldest room. You can to know the adventure tourism activities  in the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Explore the lakes by canoe. I met the Andes on 4×4 off-piste routes. You will practice snowshoe trekking. Learn to climb on ice to the clouds. I descended into the depths of the undersea forests on the Beagle Channel. Walk on suspension bridges and launch in zip line. In Tierra del Fuego, the adventure, fascinating, has no limits.

The adventure activities have in Tierra del Fuego a privileged scenario: there are all types, all year round and for all audiences; and in all cases, are performed in beautiful natural surroundings.
For horse lovers, in the surroundings of Ushuaia, excursions of different lengths are offered (from a few hours to several days). Some rooms offer this activity to their guests.
On off-road vehicles, off-piste trails can be traversed and reach remote places (Classic excursions depart from Ushuaia and reach Lake Fagnano, crossing the Cordillera).
For lovers of the sea, the option -imperdible- is to travel the Beagle Channel by sailboat, but you can also dive in the prairies of kelp under the Channel. In the Fagnano and Escondido lakes, and in Tierra del Fuego NP, canoe and kayak excursions are done in combination with mountain biking.
In the Cerro Martial, next to the base of the lift, canopy is practiced, with short and long routes that combine Tyrolean with hanging bridges.
In winter, the adventure includes snowboarding or snowmobile tours, dog sledding and snowshoeing.

The most austral golf course in Ushuaia

In the imposing Patagonian geography, a perfect conjunction between challenge and contemplation.
Located in Ushuaia, in the province of Tierra del Fuego, 3,072 km from the city of Buenos Aires, the southernmost golf course in the world invites to an absolutely unique experience.
At Ushuaia Golf Club, the player will be able to avoid short holes, narrow fairways – gently undulating – and small greens – that follow the course of the Pipo River waters, while the unmistakable west wind will try to hinder the game. The hole 8, which dazzles by its unevenness and is crossed by the river, is an unforgettable challenge.
The experience of the game is complemented here with a visit to the historic city of Ushuaia, a complete tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park, navigation through the Beagle Channel and, in winter, the enjoyment of the snow in Cerro Castor.

Shopping in Ushuaia

Typical souvenirs. Objects that tell adventures. Clothing ready for expedition. Electronics. And gourmet treats.
The street San Martín and its surroundings, especially towards the coast, is the commercial and tourist axis of the city of Ushuaia. Here, where no VAT (consumption tax) is paid, the commercial offer specializes in sports and outdoor clothing, with the presence of major Argentine and international brands. You will find without problems excellent equipment to enjoy the snow, join naturalistic expeditions and / or engage in fishing. If you are interested in hiking, botany, history, anthropology and / or wildlife, there are specialized bookstores selling very interesting titles (in Spanish and English). In the main artery of this end-of-the-world city, shops are also notable for the supply of carved stones: the souvenir par excellence are the pieces of rhodochrosite or ‘Rosa del Inca’, the national stone of Argentina. If you are looking for crafts, between the months of October and March you will visit the Paseo de los Artesanos located next to the port. In addition, in Ushuaia, as in the rest of Patagonia, you get chocolates and gourmet products (wines, cheeses, smoked and preserved) suitable for the most exquisite palates. And the offer of duty free items, specialized in electronics, cosmetics, beverages and tobaccos, is irresistible.

Typical food of the Patagonia Argentina, Ushuaia

At the foot of the mountain, in the middle of the steppe, in the Pampean forest or by the sea, one of the most coveted dishes of the tables of Argentina.
The embers begin to ignite. Time is allied with the good grill. The wine glass and the cheeses are the advance of one of the most coveted dishes of Patagonia: the lamb. Each cook gives his stamp to the dish, with the appropriate condiments and garnishes, creating a style of its own. And the most important restaurants in the region include in their menus this Patagonian culinary pearl, an authentic classic of good eating.

Lambs are bred in the Patagonian steppe, especially in the provinces of Santa Cruz and Chubut, although they are consumed throughout the region. Among the different forms of cooking, the most chosen is the roast, for its traditional and picturesque touch. The marinades, based on garlic, parsley, ground pepper, rosemary and mint, highlight even more the flavors of the meat. However, lamb can be prepared in other ways: baked, skewered, stewed. Most of the restaurants in the region offer the Patagonian lamb as a dish that is not to be missed.

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