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Eva Peron

This exclusive tour is about the story and life of Evita who is a symbol of the worldwide struggle of women against patriarchal oppression; in Argentina, nevertheless, her figure is rather controversial: loved by the working class and hated by the wealthier classes.

During this tour We will visit different places where her work was carried out: the CGT building (Labour General Confederation), Mayo Avenue and Plaza de Mayo where we’ll admire the famous balcony from where, already married to General Perón, she delivered her most famous speeches, addressed to the Argentinian workers, the Labour Ministry, the Recoleta Cemetery an enormous labyrinth of splendid funeral monuments, and a traditional stronghold of Argentine aristocracy, where we’ll witness Evita’s posthumous victory over the people who had unceasingly fought her when she was alive.

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Our Lady of Pilar Church where Eva and Perón were married., the National Library building and we will also visit the Evita Museum: A place where our tour guides will make you feel, know and understand the life and work of one of the most important women of Argentina.

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For those who want to know more, we expect to see you in this tour. 
The price includes tickets to the Evita Museum.

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