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Only half an away from Buenos Aires downtown, the nature has its own place called Temaikén, an unique and innovative zoo.

Temaikén zoo is a 34 hectare-zoo-park where the three big habitats of nature are recreated, water, land and air. In this zoo you will find a diversity of autochthonic Argentine species and also species from other regions in the world.

As a matter of fact, it is divided in three large areas: The African zone, with flamingos, pelicans, antelopes, suricates, lemurs, colobus, zebras and hippopotamus. The Asian zone, with tigers, frugivorous bats, and squirrels among others.

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The Autochthonic specie zone, divided in two sub-areas: Mesopotamia and Patagonia. In those 2 sub-areas the characteristic environments from both regions are represented.

Besides, there is an acuarium where you can see a fascinating sea and river habitat.  The journey begins with the puddle of the tide that represents a maritime-littoral environment that is flooded and chained by the action of the tides, it continues on the Fresh-Water-Acuarium, that recreates one of the Mesopotamia's river, and ends on the Marine Acuarium with autochthonic fishes from the Argentine Sea.

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In the Buenos Aires Temaiken, thru its eight screens, the images and sounds surround you and take you to a Nature Voyage through the time and space, making you responsible of taking care of our Planet.

The tour has got 8 hours duration and the transfers from and to your Hotel are included.

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