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Uruguay has a wide variety of tourist destinations, among which are amazing options of beaches, hot springs, gaucho estancias, historic places and vibrant cities. The best tourist places in Uruguay. Check the best options!


Capital and most populous city of Uruguay, a beautiful city cataloged again and again, in various rankings, as the city with the best quality of life in Latin America, standing out for its security, cleanliness, architecture, cultural offer and kilometers of beach at along the River Plate.

Among its must-see sights are the quaint little streets of the Old City, the Sarandí pedestrian street with its many shops and art galleries, Avenida 18 de Julio, with its monuments and historic buildings, the emblematic Rambla de Montevideo bordering the Rio de la Silver and the luxurious neighborhoods Carrasco and Pocitos, where some of the most beautiful beaches of the city are hidden. More information in the following Montevideo article.

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Tours Montevideo Uruguay

Colonia Sacramento:

Magical city built on the banks of the Río de la Plata, known as one of the best tourist places in Uruguay for lovers of history, being home to an invaluable historic center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where you can lose yourself walking among narrow streets of stone and colorful colonial architecture.

Among its must-see, one can not fail to mention the coquettish Calle de los Suspiros, with its tenuous lanterns and centuries-old constructions; or the imposing Lighthouse of Colonia, on the coasts of the Río de la Plata, from where you can get impressive views of the city at 26 meters high.

Tours Colonia Uruguay

Punta del Este:

One of the most famous spas in South America, famous for its glamorous tourist offer, with luxury hotels, exclusive restaurants, pulsating nightlife and beautiful beaches, each year being one of the preferred holiday destinations of the international jet set.
Its kilometers of coastline are divided into two beaches, La Mansa on the west side, and La Brava on the east side.
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The first of gentle waves bathed by the River Plate and the second with large waves from the Atlantic Ocean. Throughout both you can find many hostels that offer different types of services and sports equipment rental options.

Tours Punta del Este

La Paloma:

Spa and port located in the department of Rocha, a town that stands out for its 22 kilometers of beautiful beaches, vast tourist offer and privileged natural surroundings, surrounding itself with some of the most spectacular tourist places of Uruguay for lovers of nature and beaches.

Among its natural attractions, it is worth noting the Laguna de Rocha, a large expanse of water of more than 70 square kilometers, declared “Biosphere Reserve”, being the habitat of numerous native and migratory birds. As for its beaches, there are for all kinds of tastes, varying substantially from one another, in waves, depth and presence of rocks, including stopping at La Balconada, famous for its unparalleled sunsets.

Travel La Paloma

Punta del Diablo:

Small fishing village and artisans, known for its picturesque ranchos with thatched roofs that stretch along the coastal edge; Quite quiet during the year until the arrival of summer, when it becomes a lively resort, especially liked by surfers who take advantage of the good waves of its beaches and the nightlife that takes life between its relaxed bars.
In its surroundings, the beautiful natural scenery of the Santa Teresa National Park and the Black Lagoon are remarkable, the first a reserve of beaches, native forest and gardens; and the second an extensive mirror of water of low depth, with beaches surrounded by vegetation, in which an extraordinary biodiversity of birds inhabits.

Tour Punta del Diablo

Cabo Polonio:

Another of the spectacular tourist places of Uruguay hidden in the department of Rocha, a national park that surprises with its set of beaches, sand dunes and three small islands, where hundreds of sea lions inhabit.
The spa inside the park, ends by complementing the attractions of the place, a rustic farmhouse with sand streets, wooden houses and a hundred-year-old lighthouse that allows to appreciate from the height the splendid surrounding landscape. It is also worth noting the lack of public lighting in the town, allowing to see a sea of ​​stars at night with clear skies.

Tour Cabo Polonio


Beautiful spa town located on the banks of the Río de la Plata, known as the Capital of the Coast of Gold, standing out as much for the beauty of its beaches and green spaces, as for its proximity and easy accessibility from Montevideo.
Its beaches, meanwhile, correspond to La Mansa, to the west, and La Brava, to the east, both beaches surrounded by eucalyptus forests and fine white sands where you can sunbathe.
According to his name indicates it, La Mansa, on the one hand, presents gentle waves, while La Brava, on the other hand, great waves, is especially desired by those who practice surfing and other water sports.

Tour Atlantida


A spa town bathed by the waters of the Rio de la Plata, known for being the first spa in Uruguay, preserving to this day several of the elegant buildings that were built at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, with its economy focused on tourism, it houses a wide range of services, including hotels, casinos, restaurants and a lively nightlife.
Its beautiful beaches, on the other hand, extend for 25 kilometers, ranging from Balneario Solís to Punta Negra, in general all characteristics, for presenting wide white sands and calm waters. In its surroundings there are also many places of interest, among which are Cerro Pan de Azúcar and other small spas, with quiet beaches such as Playa San Francisco, Playa Hermosa and Playa Verde.

Tour Piriapolis Uruguay


One of the most important cities in Uruguay, hosting a wide range of services and tourist attractions, among which are historical monuments, beaches on the coast of the Uruguay River, a beautiful marina and some famous festivals such as Beer Week.
Even with these own attractions, the city’s greatest fame comes from its wide range of health tourism associated with the thermal waters that emanate from the immense Guaraní Aquifer, true spas surrounded by rugged landscapes, where you can find hotels, cabins and camping areas for different budgets. These include the Termas de Guaviyú and the Termas de Almirón.

Paysandu Uruguay


Located on the north coast of the Uruguay River, it corresponds to the second most populated city in the country,
especially famous, like Paysandú, for hosting a wide range of thermal resorts in its vicinity, among which the Termas del Daymán stand out with the highest temperature waters in the country, the Salto Grande Hot Springs and a little further away the Hot Springs of Arapey.
The city itself also has interesting attractions, including many historical monuments to visit, a privileged coastal road on the Uruguay River where you can take walks, fluvial beaches where you can enjoy the sun and a lively urban life, especially concentrated on Calle Uruguay and its surroundings, where you can enjoy restaurants, bars and elegant shops.

Tavel Salto Uruguay

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