The 10 best tourist places in the Argentine Northwest

Next, we detail the best tourist places to visit in the northwestern region of Argentina, mainly made up of the provinces of Salta and Jujuy.

Our expert travel agents share in this article their vote about the best that can be enjoyed and add updated information on each of the tourist attractions.

1. Humahuaca (Jujuy)

One of the most visited destinations in the province of Jujuy. The Quebrada de Humahuaca was declared Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Humahuaca is located close to 3,000 meters high, surrounded by mountain ranges of great beauty. The town is the entrance to La Puna Jujuy and is the last important locality of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, on the way north (La Quiaca).

The town, like the creek, takes its name from the ancient settlers of the area who were the omaguacas. Humahuaca is a picturesque town ideal for walking through its narrow streets and admiring the different houses and buildings.

2. Purmamarca (Jujuy)

This town gets into the heart of the traveler. It has happened to many of us. Backpackers and not so much, from all over the world feel at peace traveling through these beautiful landscapes. Friendly people, tranquility, landscapes, history and good food, to begin with …

3. Salinas Grandes (Jujuy)

Las Salinas Grandes with its amazing landscapes became one of the must-see destinations in the province. To get to the Salinas Grandes, you must cross the impressive Cuesta de Lipán with its beautiful landscapes.

The Salinas Grandes are located on National Route 52, the same one that reaches the Paso de Jama (International Pass Argentina-Chile). The trip begins from the town of Purmamarca and before reaching the salt flats you must cross the Cuesta de Lipán, with a maximum height of 4,170 meters. The route is paved and is in very good condition. There is no public transport to the Salinas Grandes, but different travel agencies organize excursions.

4. Serranías del Hornocal (Jujuy)

The mountain range full of colors is located 30 kilometers from the city of Humahuaca. A wonderful and unique experience. Much less exploited place, among other reasons because access is a little more difficult as it is not paved and is 21 km uphill and gravel. This is one of the most recent tourist offers offered by the province, since long ago it was not a very popular experience for tourists.

5. Tilcara (Jujuy)

Tilcara is one of the beautiful towns that the province of Jujuy offers to travelers. It is located in the spectacular valley of Quebrada de Humahuaca, in northern Argentina. A few kilometers away are the partially reconstructed remains of the Pucará de Tilcara, a pre-Hispanic fortress located on top of a hill. Nearby there are very steep gorges, such as the Devil’s Throat.

6. Cafayate (Salta)

Cafayate is one of the most spectacular visits in Argentina, surrounded by multicolored mountains. Get to know the highest Wine Route in the world and enjoy the ideal place to practice adventure tourism. The city of Cafayate is located 189 km from the provincial capital, accessed by National Route No. 68, passing through the towns of Cerrillos, La Merced, El Carril, Coronel Moldes, La Viña and Talapampa.

7. City of Salta (Salta)

Salta is the largest city in northwestern Argentina, with half a million inhabitants, and much of its importance is due to the railroad, since due to its geographical location it controls communications with Bolivia and northern Chile.

There is much to see in this city from museums, monuments and natural attractions. Obviously, gastronomy is present in the restaurants and clubs that offer the typical Salta empanadas, humitas, locro, tamales and all the delicacies of the north.

8. Cachi (Salta)

Cachi (Salta)

Cachi is located 157 km from Cafayate on Route 40. Very touristy, it is a town that keeps the impression of Spanish colonial architecture, surrounded by mountains that are around 5000 meters above sea level that give it an imposing setting.

The town of Cachi is born at the junction of the Cachi and Calchaquí rivers at 2,280 meters above sea level. It is part of the Calchaquí Valley, surrounded by hills and mountains belonging to the Precordillera de Los Andes. The Nevado de Cachi is a mountain range with nine peaks, the highest peak is “El Libertador” which reaches 6380 meters above sea level and rises 75 km from the town of Cachi.

9. Iruya (Salta)

This town in the province of Salta is an ideal destination for travelers. Beautiful landscapes, kindness and a mystique that makes it unique. It is also one of the towns where traits of the culture of the native peoples of the place have been most preserved in its people to this day.

It is located in the department of Iruya, whose head is, and is approx. 310 km others from the city of Salta, although to get there, you necessarily have to go through the province of Jujuy.

It is at an approximate height of 2800 meters above sea level. If you like adventure, walking, nature, the wild and outdoor life, you have chosen one of the best places as your destination.

10. Acsibi Caves (Salta)

Also called Valley of the Caves, Acsibi is the place where the Sichas and Malcachiscos tribes settled. This place keeps amazing caves of new shapes 15 km from Seclantás, Salta, in the heart of the Calchaquíes Valleys. To get there, there is no path, but you go along the bed of a river up to a certain point, and then you walk.

The place is also called Valle de Las Cuevas, although its name in the Cacán language – from the original settlers, from Calchaquí Diaguita roots – means “place where the light is or where the fire is.”

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