Places that you cannot miss in Puerto Iguazu

What are the places to know in Puerto Iguazú, excursions and most importantly, the famous Iguazú Falls, all this information can be found in this travel guide and you shouldn’t miss it.

Iguazu Falls
The devil’s throat in Iguazu Falls

To speak of Puerto Iguazú is to speak of one of the seven wonders of the world because there is the Iguazú National Park that is home to the famous Iguazú Falls.

But the falls are not the only attraction, I recently took a trip to Puerto Iguazú where I stayed for a week to visit the city and its tourist attractions and I must confess that I really liked everything it offered me.

Puerto Iguazú is a destination that needs at least a week to be able to enjoy it, visit its points of interest and its most important tourist places.

Places to visit in Puerto Iguazu:

1. Iguazu Falls

2. Is there are something else apart of waterfalls?

3. The triple frontier

4. The city

5. Ciudad del Este Paraguay

6. Excursions in Puerto Iguazú

Iguazu Falls

Travel to the Iguazu Falls
Travel to the Iguazu Falls

They are in the Iguazú National Park, the price of the ticket depends on the place of residence of the person, for Argentines there is a price and for foreigners another.

The park is immense, if you want to walk from the entrance to the viewpoints of the falls you will have to walk more than 2 kilometers, the good thing is that there is a free train that passes every 30 minutes and takes you.

Even so, I recommend you to do the walking tour at least once, along the way you will surely find the odd loose monkey, there are also coaties throughout the park and in some parts of the river there are alligators.

Is there are something else apart of waterfalls?

Park train in motion, the route is between plants and animals.

The park is immense and there is a restaurant, a kind of park to sit and observe the landscape and also an island called “San Martin” to which you can cross in a boat, there are guided excursions to the island.

The triple frontier

Parque del Hito de las Tres Fronteras, below is Argentina, on the right above is Brazil and on the left above (those buildings) is …

Puerto Iguazú is the last city before changing countries, it shares a border with Paraguay and Brazil, following the main avenue until its end we will reach a park where you can see the river and on the other side the two neighboring countries.

In that park is where festivals and events take place, it has a particular charm to know that you are standing in one country and observing another two.

The city

trails at iguazu falls

Main avenue in Puerto Iguazú

It is not very big and has a classic style of the Argentine tourist cities, a main avenue and in parts of that avenue the micro center is presented where all the commercial premises, restaurants and casino are concentrated.

A characteristic of Puerto Iguazú (of the entire province of Misiones actually) is the red earth, at first it will be something striking but as days go by you will hate it as much as I do, it will stick on all the clothes, stain and if it rains all you want is to levitate to avoid stepping on the red mud.

Ciudad del Este Paraguay

Another street in Ciudad del Este, this is one of the most visited shopping malls by tourists who go shopping.

A frequent excursion for those who go to Puerto Iguazú is to cross to the neighboring country Paraguay to go shopping in Ciudad del Este, a city where you only go to buy because of its low prices due to being located in an area where taxes are not paid.

People with bags of products they have bought in Ciudad del Este.

You have to be careful when shopping in Ciudad del Este for several reasons: insecurity, scam sellers and tricky items. It cannot be purchased at all locations.

Important: whenever you buy a product in Ciudad del Este, do not take your eyes off it, there are vendors in some places who, while you are paying for the product, they change the product or even give you an empty box.

My advice is that you go with a guide who will tell you where you can buy and where not, I also recommend you go very early because as I mentioned before, it is an entire city with several shopping malls and streets to explore on foot, the excursion will last the whole day.

Ciudad del Este on a weekday, be prepared to suffer this traffic if you go.

Excursions in Puerto Iguazú

There are other places that you should visit, such as the Ruins of San Ignacio, a place declared “World Heritage Site” by Unesco and that also the excursion comes with the combo and lasts all day where you will also know: El Dorado, Monte Carlo, etc. Here is a list with more excursions to do from Puerto Iguazu:

Ruins of San Ignacio

Iguazú National Park (we already discussed it above)

Wanda Mines

Jungle Images Museum

Aboriginal Villages

Bird house

Three Borders Milestone (we discussed it above)

These are the outstanding excursions to get to know Puerto Iguazú, I recommend going to an expert local travel agency from Buenos Aires Argentina to book a complete tour package.

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