Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay from Buenos Aires

Getting to Colonia Sacramento in Uruguay is the closest thing to feeling that the engine is turned off and that we only realize it was on when the noise is cut off. Because sometimes it is not necessary to make great trips to feel in the clouds and connect with enjoyment. Just across the river, Colonia to 50 minutes by boat from Buenos Aires, with no pretensions or great luxuries, Colonia awaits with much: nature, with desolate river beaches, with cobbled streets, without crowds, without prejudices, without costumes. Bathroom of the last season nor surprising cars, but with many options to rest and to walk.
Rambla de Colonia: it is the closest to the historic center and has a divine area for walking or cycling. The first hostel is a 15 minute walk from the center; Once there, you can stop to take a Pilsen, the classic beer of Uruguay, and wait for the time of the sun’s fall, the most surreal you’ve ever seen.
Santa Ana: it is a spa that is 20 minutes by car, in an area populated by foreigners, some Uruguayans and also many Argentines who set up their holiday homes. It has a divine forest, quiet, very rustic and with many areas still virgin. The beaches of Santa Ana are spacious, quiet, and have shady areas between rocks and trees for a complete break.


THE PLACE: Lentas Maravillas is a magical space that works as an art gallery and where you can also have delicious snacks. Her owner, Magui, is an Argentine who chose Colonia as her place in the world, where time stands still, in a living room with library and books you can read and a large window overlooking the private park by the river, where you can sit under the trees.
THE BEST: the carrot cake with white chocolate! Another hit is the hummus and vegetable sandwich.


THE PLACE: it is characterized by its artisan and organic cakes (and all homemade!), The natural juices and smoothies. Its tables in the paved sidewalk and a shelf full of organic products to carry are the differentials of this colonial house very friendly.
THE BEST: the apple pie is soft, light and delicious and there are days that give workshops of reiki or natural food and also make readings of the aura and throw the tarot


THE PLACE: Founded by a decorator and a photographer, this place might well be in full New York. A bright and warm atmosphere with deco details; Tea, coffee and a gallery with a quiet garden (and even a cat that shares the space) are the fort of this old house whose history dates back to 1717.
THE BEST: the table of the house that serves you the same Maria, the owner, is first rate and in everything you can see the love for what they have and what they do.
WHEN: in season, open every day from noon to closing, and out of season, only on weekends.
WHERE: Calle Del Comercio 186.


THE PLACE: a Portuguese style house, almost hidden in the heart of the historic district and in the street most famous for being one of the oldest. In this shop, which could be in a little village in the Italian countryside, you will find a great variety of Uruguayan wines and cheeses of all kinds to eat there or take away.
THE BEST: its colonial patio to sit down to have a wine and cheese Colonia, the typical place.
WHEN: Open from breakfast to dinner and usually closed on Wednesdays.
WHERE: Street of Sighs 90.


THE PLACE: a large colonial-style house with a romantic ambience with divine deco details. In the menu are the cakes (there are even vegans), the salty tables super complete and the variety of wines and beers. In addition, they have the largest collection of blends in Cologne.
THE BEST: go to the snack time, order a tea with cake and enjoy the sunset from your garden: Cologne has the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Other special places

DON JOAQUÍN: If you go in search of a Neapolitan style pizza, look for this place where they make them finite, crunchy and soft at the same time, to eat them with folds in the middle as in Naples.
BOCADESANTO: The best hamburger in Colonia, with a patio with livings and a communal table, which has a veggie burger of spectacular lentils. For dessert? Apricot coconut!

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