01Argentina.com Travel Agency Reviews updated at July 2020

You can read below the latest comments that the passengers of the travel Agency 01Argentina.com left in our blog. These passengers travelled to Argentina in the period of January and March 2020 and they posted their opinions and reviews about the travel experience they had in different tourist destinations of Argentina such as Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier in Calafate, Patagonia Argentina, Buenos Aires among others.   

Amazing Trip to the Iguazu Falls!

Dear 01Argentina Travel Agency,

We got back from our vacations in Argentina in February 2020 and we wanted to write to you to say thank you so much for excellent time we sepnt in Iguazu Fals and Patagonia Argentina. Really the whole trip was extremely well organized.

Our tour guides, Juanjo in Buenos Aires, Paula in Iguazu Falls (Argentinian Side), Sabrina in Iguazu falls (Brazilian side) were all fantastic in their own ways
Sabrina`s insight & Junjo`s background of working in the parks, were exceptional

The views of the Iguazu Falls National Parks were amazing (All the hotel rooms were all great & the departure times for flights on time as well as the pick up for transfers in all the cities we visited)

Thank you very much for helping to organizing such a great trip !

With best regards

Laura  Puerto Rico

Iguazu Falls Argentina

Unforgettable Tour Package to Patagonia.

For me and my wife visiting places in Patagonia Argentina and Chile like Perito Moreno Glacier, Ushuaia the town of the end of the world, Bariloche the Lake districk and Torres del Paine was a long held dream. It lived up to my expectations from a natural and cultural environmental point of view. The Perito Moreno Glacier has beauty like no other I have experienced in many years of travelling around the world.

I strongly suggest to other travelers visiting Argentina to visit as much as possible because you may never get the
chance again. It is once in a lifetime maybe visiting Argentina and South America

All in all with my wife had the best vacations in years. We only had some challenges with language as my Spanish is minimal, but all our tour guides and tour coordinators of the travel agency 01Argentina spoke perfect English,

Thank you so much to 01Argentina for all your efforts and for giving me such a good service at the best and the cheapest price.

Jim Wong   United Kingdom 28/05/2020

Minitrekking Over the Perito Moreno Glacier

Very responsabile Tour Operator from Argentina

Hello 01Argentina.com Staff

I just have arrived back to my home in San Diego CA yesterday and first e mail I wish to write you, although I am quiet tired after such a long trip, is to you guys of 01Argentina to thank you very much
for making all the perfect arrangements for my trip in Argentina. Honestly guys the tour packages I booked you to visit Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires and Patagonia was really fantastic and no hiccups at all. The airport transfers were all OK and very punctual. The Tour guides were professional with excellent English and helped out with the immigration to Brazil
and back at the border of the Iguazu Falls. I truly enjoyed the trip and your suggestions to stay in the hotels Arami Hotel and Lodge in Iguazu, Quijote Hotel in Calafate and Dazzler Maipu in Buenos Aires were excellent. All the facilities were perfect and they were beyond my expectations.
All in All  it was a long but very good trip. What a pitty I coulnd’t see you personally because I was really rushing around visiting some friends I have in Argenitna.

The cruise ship was relaxing with very good offshore tours to go too. Your prices as local travel agency were much cheaper than the ones offered by the cruise ship.
Of course I will not hesitate in giving the name of your travel agency to others friends and relatives who might be going to Argentina. I will recommend your agency without doubt.

Kim Forster USA 20th June 2016

Trian to the Clouds in Argentina Northwest

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