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Visit Bariloche Argentina

One of the favorite and most visited destinations for tourists, when choosing a place that has snow and many leisure options, is San Carlos de Bariloche, located in Argentina. Bariloche is the ideal city to spend a few days on vacation for those who love the cold and snow.

Attractions in Bariloche

Only the stage, full of beautiful mountains and vegetation, is already an indisputable reason to visit Bariloche. Snow-capped mountains and ski resorts installed on all sides make even the most fearful, venture into them, making the ski, one of the sports that attracts tourists in Bariloche.
The trees reach up to 15 meters high, enveloping the city and the unforgettable landscapes of the place. Despite being a popular destination during periods when there is snow in the mountains, also during the summer, Bariloche is a great option for the Argentine summer. It is an incredible station, to enjoy the local gastronomy, visit the Civic Center of Bariloche and enjoy the ancient architecture, the cafes in the squares, restaurants and wonderful tourist attractions, all in an environment with the sun, the fresh wind and mountains in sight.

Bariloche Argentina

Tourist places in Bariloche

Are you traveling in Argentina and want to enjoy? In this article you will find the best tourist places in Bariloche. It is the most visited destination in Patagonia of the South American country that receives nearly one million tourists per year. It is the ideal place for those who practice extreme sports to be the second ski center in the world.
Many travelers from the region and Europe choose Bariloche to visit in winter for its variety of landscapes. It has natural reserves such as forests, lakes and mountains, and a fauna composed of the largest birds in the world. At the edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi, there are many outdoor activities that are enjoyed by all.
This locality of Argentina is located in the National Park Nahuel Huapi, next to the mountain range of the $ andes. There you will be able to witness great snowfalls in autumn or winter due to the humid winds that blow from the Pacific. In the place you will have temperatures between 8 ° C, and 15 ° C in January, and 2 ° C in July with extremes of -15 ° C.
The great landscape of Nahuel Huapi in Bariloche is due to the accumulation of ice that began 2.5 million years ago. Thus glaciers were formed in the mountains, which descended through the valleys. Later, the downward movement of the snow masses carved the U-shaped profiles. That’s why they look so imposing today.
But not everything is winter in this locality of Argentina. In Bariloche the autumn is dreamy with sunsets and many colors in its landscapes. In addition, you can be part of several activities by touring the Circuito Chico or visiting the base of the Cathedral. It is a nice way to prepare to receive the snowfall.

Places in Bariloche

Food and drinks in Bariloche

Wine and meat are the two elements most often cited by the menus of restaurants and bars in Bariloche. Options of different types and cuts of meat, paellas and traditional Argentinean barbecues delight anyone who likes to enjoy a quality meal full of flavor.
The wines are also offered in the local cuisine. In some variations, it is possible to please all tastes with one of the specialties of the region. Meat tastings, wines and cheeses are held in several places during the winter, especially.

Bariloche dinner

Bariloche the ski capital in Argentina

There are several options you have in the Nahuel Huapi National Park to ski. Cerro Catedral is one of them. It is a mountain that to the northeast has been consolidated as a center for sports activities. It has an important variety of mechanical climbing mechanisms. The best known are: Cablecarril, Telecabina Amancay, Séxtuple Express and Telerail. It also guarantees all the services you need, including accommodation.
It is called Cerro Catedral because it has the extreme south, a variety of stone needles, where rock climbing is done. It is an extreme discipline that usually develops in summer with better weather conditions. The average snow is 0.8 meters (base), 1.5 meters (intermediate), and 3 meters (summit).
Many associate Bariloche with skiing and snow, and it’s no coincidence. From June to October that is one of the attractions of the place and Argentina. It is also suitable for practicing disciplines such as: heliskiing, snowboarding, sleigh rides, Nordic skiing, and quads. And if you are not an expert, do not worry, the hills have gentle slopes and forests.
In addition to Cerro Catedral there is Cerro Otto, where the Ski Museum is located, and the Nordic Ski Center. There you can make trips in snowmobiles and quads with caterpillars, in addition to snowshoe hikes. You have the option to rent the equipment and even to become a student in the classes that are taught.
Piedras Blancas is considered the cradle of skiing in Argentina. There are chairlifts that take you to the tracks where you can change to sledges. Here there is a photographic safari where you can discover incredible landscapes. Zipline is also provided, which will allow you to fly over the forests of the place.

Sky in Bariloche

More tourism in Bariloche

Not everything is snow in Bariloche. This town also offers another option at Cerro Campanario. It is a place that climbs walking or chairlifts to reach the summit and its incomparable view. It is not a very high mountain, its peak is at 1050 meters in a 30-minute journey. Once there you can observe lakes, mountains, forests and all the Andean Patagonia of Argentina.
Besides Cerro Campanario you can visit the Cathedral of San Carlos de Bariloche “Nuestra Señora del Nahuel Huapi”. There you will be impressed with its black roof and the 69 meter bell-shaped steeple. It is a building with the shape of a Latin cross and a headboard located to the East so that sunlight can enter. It has great architectural features that are intensified with the contrasts of lighting.
El Centro Cívico Bariloche is another place you must write down in your list of destinations on this trip to Argentina. It is a national historic monument for its architectural benefits and has a spectacular view of Lake Nahuel Huapi. It has large gardens and a square to its surroundings that make it particularly special.
Finally, you can not miss the Cerro Otto Cable Car Resort. It has an exclusive and exquisite cuisine. It has a spectacular art gallery and sledding tracks in winter, or inflatable the rest of the year.

Other activities that you will find in Bariloche are:
• Funicular of the Summit.
• Snowshoe walks.
• Trekking without snow.
• Suspension bridge.
• Labyrinth of the Forest.
• Deformant Mirror Cabin.
• Guided walk.
• Deck and panoramic terraces.
Now that you know every tourist space that Bariloche has, you have no excuses not to plan your trip properly. Write down each of the sites that we have presented according to your tastes, preferences and interests. So you can live the best experience in this paradise of the Patagonia of Argentina, with or without snow, we guarantee that you will regret to pay a visit.

Tours in Bariloche

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