Whales off the coast of Mar del Plata

whales in mar del plataMar del Plata this weekend was the visit at its southern coast of right whales, mammals about 40 tons and up to 16 feet long, traveling to southern waters to mate. Locals and tourists could appreciate from the coast of Playa Varese Friday afternoon August 1, 2014. According to the findings by experts, whales transiting from northern Brazil to Puerto Madryn, and continue to Antarctica, where they get their main power, and then return to the coast.

The marplatenses spotted two whales and tourists walked about 500 meters from the beaches. Weeks ago a group of right whales spent about 600 meters from the central beaches of the nearby town of Miramar. Now, these giant specimens marplatense moved to the coast and provided a unique show for those who were in the area.

Other whales were alerted Thursday in the locality of Miramar, located about 50 kilometers south of Mar del Plata, and copies were made by the central beaches of Mar del Plata, which is due to a change in temperature of the sea current .
150 appearances per year are recorded in the province.

As officially reported, the three whales were spotted in the morning and at noon, especially in areas of Cabo Corrientes and Playa Grande.

The whales were installed on a strip of thousand meters into the sea, where if not made ​​great pirouettes, aroused the interest of onlookers who braved the low temperatures prevailing in the seaside resort.

Witnesses noted that the natural spectacle at a time, whales came within about 300 yards from shore, although shortly after they departed became becoming just a “black spot”.

This situation, which seemed unusual in recent years has become a wonderful habit that nature gives him those marplatenses and tourists transiting the coastal sector.

Reportedly, the three specimens of southern right whale swam parsimonious, sometimes showing the tail or expelling steam, on a scale on their journey south to Nuevo and San José gulfs, in Chubut, to breed and nurse their offspring .

Some experts agree that the geography of the coast of Mar del Plata resembles the South leading to whales to choose to rest.

The southern right whales are mammals of 40 tons and up to 16 feet long, traveling to the Chubut to mate.

Gestation lasts one year and each female gives birth to only one calf at a time. The two years after birth, the mother whale is dedicated exclusively to her baby.

During the first 12 months, the breastfeeding and not separated from it, but the next year, try to learn to fend for herself.

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