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There are several tourist diamonds to know in Argentina. Especially towards the side of the mountain range (west of the country) Argentina unfolds with a catalog of mountain landscapes that cross all climates and styles: from the deserts and Andean culture in the north, towards the forests, glaciers and snow mountains eternal towards the south.
Almost at the end of everything, in the land where snow can fall even in summer, there is Ushuaia receiving visitors all year , attracted by the mystique of being the southernmost point of the planet where to find a city(with all the letters).

It is the place where the austral world begins (or ends).
It is said that in Ushuaia the world begins or ends. Of course, this has a lot of tourist slogan because it is not that in Ushuaia we are on the verge of apocalypse. What is very true is that Ushuaia is the last important city in southern South America, which is also the southernmost point in the world before Antarctica.
But we’ll see that reaching Ushuaia is not just an occasion to add curious facts to our traveling curriculum. At this point we will find one of the cities in a beautiful landscape in Argentina, and also the planet. And so we go to point 2.
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It is a city in one of the most beautiful environments on the planet
What has been said, Ushuaia is not just an extreme urban point in the GPS, it is a city in a fascinating landscape where the houses seem to climb the mountainside on the north shore of the Beagle Channel. A little higher there are forests, and beyond eternal snows. The city looks at a bay in one of the most strategic points of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego. Ushuaia is a word that comes from native languages ​​of the island (yaghanes) and means “bay that penetrates to the west” (even the name sounds fascinating).
When sailing in some of the excursions that leave from the dock of the port (or when arriving or departing in cruises) Ushuaia seems to be exhibited for the photos. And in all the images it looks beautiful. But also if we explore by sea or by land, we visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, or we enter the island, discover fascinating landscapes that make one of the cold natural paradises of the planet.

 It is a destination of places of legends.
“The lighthouse of the end of the world”, the “prison of the end of the world”, an Emerald Lagoon, the “land of fire” (in reference to the sightings of fires that kept the aboriginal inhabitants lit before the arrival of the conquerors) , desolate beaches inhabited by penguins, remains of shipwrecks, centenary stays where there were thousands of sheep, original cultures (sadly exterminated) but with traces that can be traced in museums and more legends. Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia is a mythical place and the points to visit and know will feed that sensation at every moment.

It is one of the cold natural paradise on earth (and its flora and fauna is fascinating).
Above all, I refer to the Great Island of Tierra del Fuego, to all its exuberant natural surroundings where you can explore valleys, inland lakes (such as Lake Fagnano), or more islands and desolate beaches. And always find such a unique flora and fauna adapted to the extreme landscape. Here we will find the southernmost conifer on the planet. or the “flag trees” that grow with their foliage almost horizontally to resist the wind.
As for the fauna, it is possible to see foxes, guanacos, otters, and also observe the unique effects of invasive species such as the beaver that have damaged huge areas of forest. But also if we sail along the coast on excursions, we will observe sea lions, leopard seals, birds like cormorants, or even penguins. In short, a fascinating cold ecosystem capable of filling with life an inhospitable landscape with the naked eye.

It is a city full of activities.
Travel a section of the Tierra del Fuego National Park in a steam train, practice skiing in recognized tracks of this sport, make excursions from Ushuaia by sea and land, hiking, climbing, visit large ranches (settlements) that were pioneers in the town of Tierra del Fuego. To all this add all the most urban proposals in a major city, with shopping areas, shopping, and entertainment.
Ushuaia is a destination that completes an offer of options ideal to stay several days. Even if we go on a more adventurous and time-consuming plan, rent a car to go exploring, maybe schedule a long trip, cross the continent by ferry and get to Calafate and Perito Moreno. There are many options for this destination.
In summary, Ushuaia is a city that makes many people fall in love with reasons, and that becomes one of the essential visits in a trip through Argentina.

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