Jujuy, the second best place in the world to travel in 2018

This was defined in the ranking recommended by the National Geographic magazine, in which the northern province ranks second among 20 other places around the world. The international appeal of a natural and cultural paradise.
It is known that, if it is attractive, Argentina has everything: you must visit from the Quebrada in the north to the southernmost city, all the climates and all the landscapes that you can imagine.
And now there is one more point for national pride: with its northern charm, the province of Jujuy was chosen among the main destinations to be considered for travel in 2018, according to the ranking of the prestigious National Geographic magazine.
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It is in second place, among other 20 places in countries such as Holland, Hawaii, Canada, Albania, Cambodia, Madagascar, Ireland, Sweden, Austria, Mexico, Australia, Georgia, Chile and the United States.
“We are working hard on the promotion of Argentina in the world and this recognition is an incentive, Argentina is fascinating for its diversity, they are beginning to position themselves as attractive from different regions, in addition to the Patagonia axis, and that speaks to the federal spirit that we set in motion” , said the Tourism Minister of the Nation, Gustavo Santos, regarding the place that the country occupies in the ranking.
“The best thing that can happen to us is that the world knows that Argentina has everything in the same territory, such as Quebrada, the Perito Moreno glacier, the Iguazú Falls, the Esteros del Iberá and many others,” the official said. National tourism portfolio.

While the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Jujuy, Federico Posadas, stressed that the recognition “puts us in the commitment to redouble efforts to receive tourists from around the world who will visit us in 2018.” He added: “This is the result of the effort and work of all the people of Jujuy who were strengthened by the sustained tourist policies of the Government of Jujuy during the last years.” All this made Jujuy reach this recognition among other places in the world, for its natural beauty , landscaping and cultural “.
Not for nothing was chosen. Land of multiple colors, Jujuy is home to one of the thirteen World Heritage sites that exist on Argentine soil: the Quebrada de Humahuaca, with all its stunning landscapes and charming towns that receive travelers all year round. The classic postcard of Purmamarca with the hill of the Seven Colors in the background, the mountains of the Hornocal, the town of Humahuaca and that of Tilcara with its famous ruins are just some of the highlights of the province, which is characterized by its variety of activities to enjoy throughout the year.

From the Puna, with desolate and spectacular natural scenes that include the famous salt flats, one passes to the valleys of exuberant vegetation and a crystal clear rivers to rest, and to the exotic Yungas, a forest of incredible height in which the trees climb and form vines, and you can perform different adventure activities.

Numerous popular festivals such as the Carnival, which come to celebrate the summer in full, the Pachamama, the Inti Raymi and the Casabindo festival, typical Andean regional dishes that are a delight and fabrics made with llama wool are more of their characteristic stamps. Together, they make this place a good option to consider for 2018, which is already beginning.

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