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Extensive, diverse, heterogeneous, cosmopolitan thousand adjectives can be assigned to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), capital of Argentina, and the Province of Buenos Aires.

Recognized by many as “a European capital in Latin America” for its style, idiosyncrasies and architecture, the city “Buenos Aires” as excellence has something for everyone: restaurants, hotels, shopping trips, museums, shopping centers and more. The options are so vast, it is necessary to organize to enjoy the city to the fullest.
buenos aires tourist information
Many of the neighborhoods that comprise are a must for tourists. La Boca, with its colorful houses “La Bombonera”, the famous football stadium Boca Juniors team. Nearby there is the neighborhood of San Telmo, known for its centuries-old architecture that reflects how Buenos Aires was over 100 years ago. In its blocks, collectors and antiques lovers will find objects prized for their monetary, historical and emotional value.

Those who like modern buildings can not miss Puerto Madero, the trendiest district of the city, as well as those who want to see “green” should take a stroll through the “Bosques de Palermo” and “The Rose Garden” in Palermo .

Meanwhile, the Province of Buenos Aires is also very extensive and plenty of tourist attractions. A few kilometers from the CABA it is possible to see the fields and farms. A walk through the Tigre Delta is a nice destination to everyone.

The Atlantic coast, consisting of many cities that have grown to the sea and the activities of the summer holidays are a must. Among them, Mar del Plata and Pinamar Cariló are three good examples of the best of the Atlantic Coast of the province.

And in the middle of it, you can enter the world of the gauchos and agricultural-cattle culture: San Antonio de Areco, San Andres de Giles and Luján, who is also an important center of religious tourism, are some interesting points to visit.

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