Activities of Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina

Puerto Madryn located in the Province of Chubut, between the Peninsula of Valdes and Punta Ninfa, is one of the most important tourist cities in Argentina, as it has a variety of activities to do, beginning as the national diving capital. It is a place that allows you to connect with the marine and wild fauna of Patagonia, besides contemplating unforgettable sunsets. It has a temperate semi-desert climate that makes the trip more comfortable.
Puerto Madryn presents a great tourist activity between the months of July to March, where the travelers during the day go to the surroundings for excursions that you will find below.


Streets Junio 28 and Mitre

Upon entering Puerto Madryn itself, you will find much commercial, community and cultural activity. Between the streets June 28 and Miter, the largest number of businesses with a diversity of offers is concentrated. There you can buy souvenirs to take you home. Added to cultural centers where you can find concerts published by the city.
Trade hours are from Monday to Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and supermarkets every day: from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Costanera Almirante Brown

Another of the panoramas that you should do in the city, are the walks at sunset along the Almirante Brow waterfront. There you can find sports activities, music, handicrafts, becoming a family landscape around the beautiful landscape.

Monument to the Indian Tehuelche

Puerto Madryn, is a city that originally was populated by Tehuelches, that is why you must go to visit this monument, since it is an important part of the history of the city.


It is a place with 10 years of culture, science and art related to the Atlantic Ocean. It is not any museum, since it presents an interpretative center that will connect you with the diversity of the sea. Here you can learn about the characteristics of the Patagonian fauna, led by the Southern Right Whale. It is a place for all ages, presenting cultural activities to make your visit and learning more entertaining.
It is located 5 minutes from the city center in the South towards the monument to the Indian Tehuelche, if you are traveling by car or taxi. And by bike or walking 15 or 30 minutes, by the coastal boulevard Almirante Guillermo Brown. A few meters from the monument to the Tehuelche Indian.


Punta Tombo

150 km from Madryn towards the coast is Punta Tambo, where the Patagonian penguins reside. Here you can observe the life of these animals. For example, their couple routine, where they take turns in the care of the eggs, their aquatic life, their relationship between the community, among others. Also in this same sector you can see guanacos and choiques.
It should be noted that the site has marked routes, which have been built to not interrupt with the wild routine, being important the respect of these.
Added to this, Punta Tombo has trekking service, horseback riding, lodging.

Punta Loma

It is located 17 km from the city, it is a place where you can see the sea lions and the rock cormorant, both in their natural environment. The excursions are made from a viewpoint where you can observe their routine, for example, as the cormorant makes its nests among the rocks. The landscape is characterized by the blue color of the water and the roquerío typical of birds.
The sea lion that lives there, is the call of a hair, to have a single layer of hair, which allows it to adapt to the temperature and aquatic life.
In this place diving and snorkeling is practiced, where you can interact closely with these animals. You can do it from the Balneareo Coral where the navigation to the coast begins.

Playa Doradillo

It is one of the most important places in Puerto Madryn, since it is there where you can make sightings of the Southern Right whale with a privileged view, in addition to its surroundings you will find anemones, crabs and birds typical of Patagonia. The activities vary, in trekking and bicycle rides.
It should be noted that whale watching only takes place between June and December.

Golfo Nuevo, Peninsula de Valdés

This is another of the most important places in Puerto Madryn, since when you embark in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the Dolphin sighting
Dark, which you can appreciate from very close. I suggest you do this activity close to sunset time, so you can see the shadows that these animals produce in the landscape.

Puerto Piramide

Puerto Pirámide is located 100km from Puerto Madryn. This place was considered a natural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 1999 for the practice of sighting of the Southern Right Whale.
To get to this place there is direct transport from Tuesday to Sunday with departure at 9:55 and return at 6:00 pm.

Caleta Valdés

It is a thin beach, where different animals of the Patagonian fauna live. It is very close to the Peninsula of Valdés, where you can see another community of sea lions and Magellanic penguins added to a landscape that will take you to the greatest connection with nature.
As you can see, Puerto Madryn is a dream place for those who like wild and aquatic nature, allowing us to value what we have as human beings and the responsibility of taking care of both the fauna and the environment.

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