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Tour to Iguazu Falls by bus
Visit to Argentine Side Only
(No Visa Necessary)

1st Day Departure by Bus from Bs As bus terminal:

In the evening, around 7 pm, you will depart to the town of Puerto Iguazu in a completely-equipped bus with heating, bathroom, and air conditioning. We offer a bus with executive service that will provide you with dinner and breakfast on board.

2nd Day Arrival to the town of Puerto Iguazu:

After a very long journey of 18 hours you’ll arrive to Puerto Iguazu the following day around noon. As soon as you arrive in Puerto Iguazu, our tour guide will be waiting for you with a sign with your last name and will take you to your hotel. Then, you’ll have the afternoon free to relax and enjoy the jungle setting and tropical climate.

3rd Day Full-day tour to the Argentine Side of the Falls:

After having breakfast at the hotel you’ll embark on a full-day tour to the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls.
It is a full-day tour that will take you on various catwalks around the Argentine Iguazú Falls National Park. The tour starts around 8 AM and ends at 5 PM, it is a regular-service tour, which means that you will join a group of about 25 tourists with an English-speaking tour guide that will be with your group all day.
Once you’re inside the Iguazu falls National Park, you can experience the waterfalls from several angles to witness the incredible view of more than 200 falls. You can explore several paths (the Green Way, the Upper and Lower Catwalk and the Devil´s Throat) using the forest train.
The Great Adventure Boat Ride is an optional tour (not included in the price) which takes you for a ride around the falls - the boat even remains underneath an Iguazu fall!
( Please be aware- on the boat trip there is a 100% chance that you will get wet so we suggest you bring a change of clothes).

4th Day Half-day tour Iguazu Forest:

After having breakfast at your hotel you will be taken to the Iguazú Forest Tour.
This is a half-day tour that takes place in a unique spot located 7 km from the town of Puerto Iguazú and 15 km from the Iguazu falls. You’ll arrive there by light-truck and movi-truck and once you’re there, in the middle of the jungle, you can participate in various eco-adventure activities including Trekking, Wet Rappelling, Outdoor Wall Climbing, etc.
These Adventure Tourism and Eco-tourism activities, are designed for people of different ages and physical conditions.
This tour is also very useful because it avoids getting a visa to enter Brazil, since you take both tours on the Argentine side. It is a 4-hour excursion offered twice a day, once at 8 in the morning and then again at 2 in the afternoon.

5th Day Departure from Puerto Iguazu to Bs As by bus:

After having breakfast at the hotel you will be taken to the Puerto Iguazu bus terminal. You will leave fpr Buenos Aires in a fully equipped bus with bathroom, heating, and air conditioning. Dinner and breakfast also will be served on board. You’ll arrive in Bs As the following day after an 18-hour journey. End of our service.

The tour includes:
*Bus tickets Buenos Aires - Puerto Iguazu - Buenos Aires.
**Travel to and from bus terminal in Puerto Iguazu.
*Full-day tour to the Argentine side of the waterfalls.
*Half-day tour to the Iguazú forest.
*3 nights in a Puerto Iguazú hotel (an extra 2 nights are spent on the bus during travel to and from Buenos Aires)
*English-speaking tour guide.

The tour doesn't include:
Entrance fees to the National park

This trip can be tailor-made for a time that suits you and can be adapted to your interests, budget, and any special requirements you may have.

Important notification: The journey by bus from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls takes 18 hours. So, you will spend a total of 36 hours on a bus. This option may of course be tiring. We also provide the same tour package but by plane in this link:

Iguazu Falls tours by bus



Iguazu Tour - The Argentine Side by bus (No Visa Necessary) - Check our Iguazu falls map -

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