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Richard USA

It was really fabulous. The falls were extremely full of water, and the visit was spectacular. And we were very well taken care of, both at the hotel and for the transportation between the airport and the hotel. It was truly the "high point" of our trip to Argentina. Thanks again for your help in arranging it.

Best wishes,

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Tommy USA

Dear Pablo,
Just a note to thank you for all the trouble involved in the making of this reservation in Montevideo, Uruguay. I sincerely appreciate the extra efforts that you make in obtaining me a room even if we were not successful in obtaining one at the Balmoral. I am excited about my return to your beautiful country. If your office is located in Montevideo, please get in touch with me as I would like to treat you to lunch if you are free one day while I am in the city.


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Richard USA

Hi, Pablito...

Joe and I had a great time in Buenos Aires and you were very helpful. The driver for the transdfers was excellent; always on time; and a very nice guy. The flight and hotel in Iquazu were both very good. And the tours of the city of BA, the falls, and the jungle were all good.

The jungle tour could have been a little better----they took us for a long distance and then we had only two short activities. The guide---Martin---didn't have much to say but he was a very nice guy.

We would be happy to use your services again when we visit Argentina again in the future.

Many thanks.
Richard & Joe

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Dear 01argentina

Thanks for arranging the Iguazu tour for me. Everything went as
advertised and Carocol Tours performed splendidly.


iguazu falls  with full moon

Russell USA

Hey Pablo,

We are back home, after a wonderful trip to South America.

THANK YOU very much, Pablo, for all your help. Without you, it would
have been very difficult and I am most grateful for all your work.
Because we did not take tours or stay in expensive hotels I know you got
almost nothing for your commissions.

This is all good karma for you and I wish the best to you and your wife
and your dad for 2008!


yours tour are great

Rishi and Pooja USA

Hi Pablo,
Thank you for all your help. The trip was great, and we enjoyed the Iguazu Falls thoroughly. I would say that the Orquideas Hotel is very nice, and we were pleased with it.

The Iguazu tour was very good, and we liked our tour guide Margerita. The Great Adventure tour was the highlight of the trip! The Iguazu Forest tour, however, was not very exciting to us, and we found ourselves wishing we had spent more time with the waterfalls rather than walking through the jungle where we did not see any animals.
Overall it was a great trip and went off very well.


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Andrea USA

Pablo, you have been very helpful with every detail and I thank you so much. I have other friends interested in visiting Argentina and I will make sure to forward on your information.

Thank you,

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I love you!
Thanks once again. We are giving your number to everyone we know!

Jennifer and Mario

unforgettable experience into glacier perito moreno

Shelley USA
29 - 10 - 2008

Hola pablo

all went well except i had to change hotels as the first was too noisy as there was a busload of students . The agents from caracol found another place for me that was very nice and within my budget.

the falls and the tour were wonderful and i arrived back safely in BA today

muchas gracias otra vez


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Howard USA

Hi Pablo,

After being back in Utah for a week, I remembered that you wanted our evaluation of the tours and hotels.

1. Torre Cristoforo Colombo Hotel: We liked this hotel; it served us well since it was in a very good location. The staff was helpful in letting us store our extra bags for over a week. They also made several phone calls to Copa Airlines when our bags were late.

2. Tigre Tour: We all enjoyed the Tigre tour. It was a nice way to start our trip after flying to Argentina. A very relaxing and enjoyable tour.

3. Boca Tango show: This was what we expected; a show for tourists, but still fun.

4. Ushuaia: This area was the highlight of our trip. The beauty of this area is exceptional. The Hotel Cesar Hostal was very nice for us, The location was excellent.

5. Tour of Tierra del Fuego National Park. We greatly enjoyed this tour. It was fun to be outside, walking and canoing.
The weather fortunately was nice and dry though a bit chilly. The guide was very good and interesting.

6. Beagle Channel tour. We enjoyed being on the boat (for awhile) and seeing the animals. We could have skipped the estancia tour. That was the least interesting part of the tours in Argentina.

7. Iguazu: Hotel Saint George. The hotel was very nice with good food.
After all the travel, we enjoyed just sitting by the pool. By the way, this hotel is just across the street from the bus station. We didn't need anyone to pick us up. We could have just walked across the street.

8. Iguazu Falls Tour. The falls are spectacular, but we think a half day tour would have been enough instead of an all day tour. We were with a very large group and such a group takes a lot of time to get everyone to do the same thing. We would have preferred a smaller and shorter tour.

9. Pinamar. Your advice to stay with Hotel Europa was very good. It was a very pleasant hotel (similar to our bed and breakfast). The family who runs the hotel was very friendly and helpful. Jackie became quite sick for several days and the owners helped us to get her healthy.

All in all, our trip went very well. However, we traveled too much within Argentina. I counted that we went on 9 planes, 3 long bus rides, a boat, a train, taxis, etc! Too much travel for 2 weeks, but that was the way we had planned it.

Your role was instrumental in making this trip as good as it was. I don't know what I would have done without your help. So, muchas gracias!!



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