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FAQ National Parks in Iguazu

What Activities include the entrance fees for the National Parks?

With the entrance to the Iguazu Falls National Park in the Argentine side you can do different activities like watching the lower and upper circuits of the falls and see them first from top and bottom of the catwalks Visiting all the Falls you will find unimaginable ways of discovering the way that nature have to form this amazing natural wonderful of the world. Then there's the devil's throat as the main attraction in the National Park. It is also possible to walk the trails for bird watching, to feel like the jungle itself interacts like a real ecosystem. Within the park there are several kiosks and restaurants where you can stock up on little things as well as regional businesses and crafts items. Inside the park is located the Sheraton Hotel and Spa from which you can see in its fullness the Devil's Throat. With the entry ticket you get 50 percent off the next day to re-visit the park and thus achieve greater vision of nature.

What are the most common activities in the park?

Different adventure tourism activities and sightings can be made within the park such as taking a the great adventure boat trip into the the devil’s throat in an unparalleled adventure or cross to the San Martin island and get another view of Iguazu Falls. The park also has a train to Devil's Throat where you can see the Iguazu river before the fall of the Devil's Throat as a branch of that river Iguazu which is so vast.

What is the cost of the train to the Devil's Throat?
The train to Devil's Throat is included in the entrance fee to the National Park Iguazú. It is free of charge.

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