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Are you planning your trip to Buenos Aires? Some most visited and popular sites of Buenos Aires the City most important in Argentina. Tourism in the City of Buenos Aires grows uninterrupted.
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Buenos Aires is one of the top and most important tourist destinations in Argentina. Palermo is the largest and most modern neighborhood for sightseeing in the city, and one of the best neighborhoods to find accommodation in Buenos Aires. You can choose between a furnished apartment, a hostel, a hotel or an apart hotel, all of which vary in price and type. Palermo is a neighborhood of Buenos Aires with a lot of life, but very safe, with a variety of activities to do either in the day or at night. Everything can be found within a few blocks: some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, shops of fashion designers, pubs, bars and nightclubs. Palermo has several subdivisions such as Palermo Soho (named after Soho in New York) and Palermo Hollywood (because there are some television, radio and film studios there).

Main points of interest in Buenos Aires:

– Serrano Square
Restaurants, bars, artisans and urban designers market their products in this place on weekends.
Location: At the intersection of Borges at 1600 – Honduras at 4700 – Serrano at 1500.
– Botanical Garden
This National Monument, almost 170 years old, has been carefully designed with more than 5,000 species of plants, beautiful sculptures and greenhouses.
Location: Plaza Italia and Santa Fe to 3900.
– Bosques de Palermo
The park and its surroundings are some of the best places in Buenos Aires to visit. Decorated with rose gardens, forests and lakes, it is the perfect place to enjoy as part of a tour of the city of Buenos Aires. From the northeast side of the park you can reach the Río de la Plata and its beautiful promenade, Costanera Norte.
Location: Sarmiento Avenue, Avenida del Libertador from 3500 to 5000, Avenida Costanera Rafael Obligado.

Palermo Argentina

Puero Madero, Buenos Aires

This neighborhood in front of the coast of Buenos Aires is the most modern part of the city. With towering glass skyscrapers, elegant restaurants and trendy nightclubs, Puerto Madero is enjoyed by the rich and famous. It is a young neighborhood that emerged from the largest urbanization project in the history of Buenos Aires. In 1993, the city government remodeled the old docks that had been part of the port, giving way to opportunities for a new development in the city, in a safe and ideal area for leisure and luxury living. Puerto Madero is nowadays considered the most important business center and also one of the tourist attractions that can not be missed when you are in tourism in Buenos Aires.

Main points of interest in Buenos Aires:

– Woman’s bridge
This pedestrian bridge is a milestone in the architectural history and it is impossible to go unnoticed. It was designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. A white wing is shot from the sidewalk of the bridge. For some locals, the Puente de la Mujer resembles a woman dancing tango.
Location: Dique 3 of Puerto Madero.
– Ecological Reserve
Behind this wonderful modern architectural piece of Puerto Madero, in the lively Costanera Sur, is the Ecological Reserve. An incredible and quiet hideaway, definitely the place to escape all the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, in case you need some hours of peace and quiet in the open air. Full of impressive flora and fauna, it is an ideal place to walk or ride a bike along the paths that lead to the Río de la Plata.
Location: Avenida Tristán Achaval Rodríguez to 1500.

Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

La Boca, Buenos Aires

A colorful and charming neighborhood right next to the old port of Buenos Aires. La Boca is synonymous with tango and football. With its multicolored houses and taverns, the neighborhood clings to its tradition of tango, passion for football and Italian roots. Nowadays it is one of the most important cultural centers and tourist attractions of Buenos Aires, thanks to the variety of walking excursions, football matches in the famous Boca stadium and its tango shows. You can too read about Buenos Aires tourist information and know more before your trip to Argentina.

Main points of interest:

– Caminito
The name of a famous tango song composed by the famous singer Carlos Gardel, Caminito, is an open-air museum about tango and an art market. Its cobblestone streets, brightly colored houses and original works of art from around the neighborhood are an uncommon sight, something you will not see anywhere else in the world. Traditional restaurants have live tango shows, as well as dancers and musicians who are showing their talent. A visit to Caminito can not be left out on your vacations in Buenos Aires.
Location: Pedro de Mendoza Avenue to 1800.
– Boca Juniors Stadium
The colorful blue and yellow of the Boca Juniors Stadium is one of the most famous monuments of Buenos Aires and attracts thousands of Argentines and foreigners alike. In a football match at this stadium in Buenos Aires, you can feel the pure passion and incredible devotion that Boca fans have for their team. If you are a football fan, you can not miss the opportunity to experience Argentine football live and live. I experienced Argentine passion up close! Book a soccer tour and get your tickets easily here.
An interesting fact: The stadium is called La Bombonera because its shape resembles a box of chocolates.
Location: Brandsen Street 800.

La Boca Buenos Aires

San Telmo

The oldest residential neighborhood of Buenos Aires, San Telmo breathes a special historical atmosphere. As one of the most important centers during the nineteenth century, San Telmo has preserved many of the architectural sites, museums, beautiful antique shops and ancient churches of Buenos Aires that today serve as a backdrop for business, cultural events and day-to-day activities. San Telmo, is a great place to walk on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the fair, do some sightseeing, eat and go for a coffee in one of the impressive remarkable cafes.
Undoubtedly highly ranked in the top ten of Buenos Aires, San Telmo is one of the best places in Buenos Aires to really get an idea of ​​Argentine culture.

Main points of interest:

– Dorrego Square
In the heart of the historic center of San Telmo, Plaza Dorrego offers one of the most authentic experiences for tourists and porteños, seeking original colonial designs and structures. Throughout the weekend, the central square of San Telmo is filled with impressive crafts and the antique market. On Sunday afternoon, the cobbled square is transformed into an open-air milonga, where experts and amateur couples go to dance tango.
Location: Between Defensa and Humberto Primero streets.

San Telmo Buenos Aires

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